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So the purpose of this page is to accomplish two things. First, to help me keep track of who is looking for what from the online trading partners I have done deals with. Second is to give others who may stumble upon this blog a brief overview of where they may look to make trades that will alleviate themselves of cards they don't want in exchange for cards they can use.

For those listed below - if you want to be removed or for me to edit the info here, let me know. Also, if I have forgotten anyone who would like to be added, send me a note or leave a comment. I mean no harm but am using this forum to hopefully help a few other collectors.

Mike67 at or Not Another Baseball Card Blog
- Montreal Expos
- Canadian born MLB players
- Charlie Simmer
- Toronto Blue know...if you don't want to trade with me first ;)
We have had a number of trades and continue to do so

Tigerfan22 at
- Detroit Tigers
- Colorado Rockies
We had a big trade, my package got lost, but he came through anyway in a big way - so I am still looking to make things right given how amazing he was

KrusherKev at
- baseball set building in the junk years, roughly 1987-1993 - check the link to see his needs

GCA at or
- His website outlines specific needs
- Washington Redskins
- Washington Capitals
- Sergei Fedorov

Trevor at Support the Minnow
- Specific wants are listed on the site, but everything O Pee CHee hockey
- Various movies and other oddball stuff, especially 1980 and earlier

dilemma19 at
- Working on 1964 Topps

Also, thank you to all those people above and anyone else I have ever had a trade or even exchange of e-mails about the hobby with - part of the fun of the hobby is the interaction with those people with the same interest.

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