The Santa Lot

This was a gift from Santa in 2015 - approximately 15,000 varied cards (mostly hockey). So, being a numbers person, I have to keep track of exactly what comes out of the supposed 15,000 card lot. The way I am breaking it down is by sport or non-sport set, by collection if it fits one, if not, whether it is a keeper because I don't have it, and do collect the sport. I will update the contents as I move forward in exploring the contents so that at the end, I can see exactly how it has gone.

I will have plenty of trade material from it as I go, so just send me a message here or through if you are interested in anything.

Should be interesting to go through - at least it will be for me, and hopefully for readers as well.


  1. It's a longshot, but if you get any Aaron MacKenzie 09-10s let me know.