20 In '20 Lot

 It took a few years, but after the Santa Lot, and the fun I had going through and sharing it on here, I had been keeping an eye out for a second lot to do the same thing with again. Then, finally, in September 2020 came that opportunity.

For $60, I picked up a lot of roughly 20,000 cards which were advertised as being all four major sports - baseball, basketball, football and hockey (the 20k number is my estimate this time). So, very similar to the Santa Lot. The only question I asked the seller was whether it was mostly "junk years", which was just so I knew what I was getting - but surprisingly he said mostly 1993-2000, which would make it quite different from the Santa Lot, and be for a period that would really be interesting as there was a lot of crazy stuff in the later 90s (and before we got down to monopolies in sport cards (Topps for baseball, Upper Deck for hockey, etc).

So, the transaction was completed in mid-September 2020 - and here is a picture of the cards, after I cleaned them up a bit (so that nothing was getting damaged while I was waiting to go through them)...

I will be tracking what is there, like I did with the Santa Lot, and when all done, will update here with the summary as well, and any great finds, etc.

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