Thursday, September 21, 2023

Jeff's Choice

 Today we get another set to focus on from Jeff's bunch of cards, and it isn't a set I plan to collect....1995-96 Upper Deck Collector's Choice.

A fine set, with some fine cards, like The Great One, I don't have any real complainst about the set. The design is similar to the set in other sports (I think about basketball because I have seen a lot of it).

Here they at least do the stats right by putting in full stats, and it being at the expense of a smaller picture is fine with me.

These aren't all the cards, but a good taste of what Jeff provided to me. All are on my TCDB trade list for anyone interested.

THere were some parallels also, and most of these, I may be keeping as I am actually getting close to 40% on the parallel set completion...

Okay, so a grey border may not make these all that much more exciting, and the stampjust sticks out a bit, but these are one a pack inserts, so....special!

If you wanted more special than the parallel, the platinum versions fall only every 34 packs, so much more scarce, but nice to add 5 more here, so I am up, not going to be really working on THAT set, but nice to have a few regardless. Collector's Choice isnt the only set I got that was Upper Deck related from Jeff...more on that tomorrow...

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Jeff Provides Football

 As the title suggests, the cards from Jeff include a small smattering of football cards which I will share today.

I mean, does any random bunch of football cards feel complete with out some 90s Upper Deck?

A bunch of newer Score cards, and I have to say, the design is very "Score", and I don't mean that in a bad way. Nice colour, maybe a bit big on the border, but solid front design.

Alright backs too, though I find too much wasted space with the bordering and design with the picture and logo - would rather stick them together and give more room for stats and write up!

A handful of insert sets represented, my favourite of which has to be...

the Next Level Stats cards. I mean, I am an accountant and the numbers just speak to me. Make them big! Make them proud! Apparently also make their border red because why shouldn't insert sets have parallels too?!?

All up for grabs in exchange for any Bruins cards - just putting it out there if anyone is interested. Now...going to need a little bit to get through all the hockey Jeff sent...

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Cards From Gandalf

A trade to share today from TCDB member Gandalf33 who was kinds enough to offer up some things Toronto, so let's take a look.

The Mini Leaders cards are needed since a duplicate for the set build is necessary now! Add in some early Stadium Club and mid-90s DOnruss Jays to boot.

Definitely the late 80s / early 80s Leaf cards are the stars of this trade. I still don't get why the desire for the scratch off for the names on the 1980-81 cards. I guess I could try and get a version of scratched and not scratched though.

One variation card with Ranheim (some of these were printed with and without the Sporting News banner on the back), and the Douggie 1993-94 Upper Deck Silver Skates Silver Retail is a one and done Leaf insert set, so that a sweet little die cut pick up to end it!

Any PWE trade makes for a great day!

Monday, September 18, 2023

Jeff Provides More Baseball

 Although there's a bunch of hockey and a bit of football still to share from Jeff, today, we go through the miscellaneous baseball that remains.

There are a number of flagship Topps sets I am backburner building, so we at least have a few base keepers in the bunch, as well as some Jays dupe cards to keep as per below...

These are all from the 1993 Greatest Moments special release which had something to do with the back to back World Series wins by the Jays.

As for the rest, a bunch of nice cards, just all up for grabs as not fitting into my collection, and if you have any Boston Bruins cards to send my way, more than happy to make something work for Jeff.

Not too shabby getting to get some 70s cards for trade bait! Heck, Rod Carew is my fave name of the bunch!

A fewer newer cards as well which adds for some variety. Still not a fan of the overly silver/metal Panini releases, but Schmidt is a solid pick up if anyone's interested!

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Jeff Set Help - 1989 Fleer Baseball

 Another set that many collectors likely have seen a lot of, but for whatever reason - I didn't get much of originally collecting at the time, and in getting lots the last number of years, finally started the slow backburner fill of.

The design is fine, and the 1989 year fronts may be a bit too grey, but it was fleer throwing some yellow on the back that I think was a pre-cursor to 1991.

I mean, the yellow highlighting sure brings out the backs and makes part of the card standout. I mean, it could only be better if the whole front was yellow right? Yeah, must have been the thinking for 1991.

I must say, I do really like the before and after breakdown on the bottom of the backs as it's unique and interesting as I always love a good interesting stat!

A number of uncorrected error cards to boot don't hurt, but all in, up another 70 or so base cards on the set build, and that's another really productive bunch from Jeff. There were some cards on the trader list now as I did have some of them, if anyone is interested.

I think there's a trickle more baseball before we get into the hockey (and a bit of football).

Saturday, September 16, 2023

Jeff 1978 O Pee Chee Baseball

 Okay Jeff - you got me. I am going to have to try and finish this set now since you gave me about 60% and I already have the Jays cards as well.

This will be oldest set that I work to complete. I know that isn't saying alot, but it is what it is.

As the O Pee Chee set is much smaller than the Topps set (about 1/3 of the size), it's a much more manageable goal to begin with. A bit of a shame because I think I previously had the Expo cards, and that's a good part of what I am now missing, but that's fine as I know I passed the ones I had before, into good hands.

I am Fairly confident that I wouldn't have thought of Ron being a Jays card until seeing this. Didn't realize he was in Hlue Jay garb in the photo, so bonus pick up there.

In case it's not clear, two big gieaways for O Pee Chee versus Topps - the O Pee Chee backs are much brighter and probably can be noticed right away. If you need further clarification, the copyright line does say O Pee Chee instead of Topps. May seem a simple thing, but I know that, as a kid, that wasn't something I necessarily looked for.

I though this was all the baseball cards from Jeff, but there's actually a bit more before we get to the hockey, and the next may actually help a bit on another of my set builds.

Friday, September 15, 2023

Jeff Baseball Inserts

 A smaller bunch of cards from Jeff's which are still baseball cards, but some interest insert and other such sets.

Drake's cards are really cool, and I don't see much of them, so one from 1985 is a nice pick up.

A few of the 1986 Topps glossy send in All-Star cards which are new to me, as well, we have a Baseballs Best from 1987 of daddy Guerrero.

These are more what I am use to seeing when it comes to 80s Topps inserts with these 1988 Topps All Stars cards Definitely one I wouldn't mind completing.

Very nice cards, and tomorrow, another set I wasn't thinking off collecting, but will be starting....stay tuned!