Friday, November 16, 2018

CNE Pack #14 - Decent Keepers

Some of these CNE packs seem to have been Toronto card picked over (some, not all), so happy to find a Jay in one, even if it isn't a new one.

My facourite Toronto pitcher of all time, and the player I have the most cards of (just short of 200).

There were even a couple inserts for keeps as well.

You can consider the Instant Win Game an insert...there were a few different types...but really, the Goudey is a really nice card. It is out of 2016 Goodwin Champions set.

The rest of the keepers...

The keepers come from a couple sets we have seen - 1993 Studio baseball and 1991-92 Parkhurst hockey. Both are decent enough sets, and as I have said, the use of the logos in the Studio set is really well done.

As for the cards that are up for trade if wanted...

A bunch of 1991-92 Score baseball, which at least gives me a couple Expos that I already know a good home to send too.

Here we also have another bunch of minor league hockey cards from 1993-94, and again, some decent players too such as Bure.

Let me know if there is any interest in the traders at all - always up for a trade, but if you are a regular reader here, you know that already.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

CNE Pack #13 - Oh Clancy!

We have seen a couple Goodwin Champions cards out of later sets, but here is one out of the 2011 year:

Another card done well for a big name in hockey during the 20s and 30s. I don't specifically consider this a Maple Leaf card as he player for multiple teams and isn't pictures as a Leaf in the card...could argue otherwise, but I don't think I will here.

He won a Stanley Cup with Toronto....I wish there were more people around today that could say they did that....

A few more hockey keepers....

Aurora is an interesting set and awkward designs that generally sit well these days, and remind us of how Pacific was a bit out there at the time.

The other keepers today - wrestling!

Old at the time and no longer really needing to be in the ring, Foley and Nash didn't need to be wrestling this late in their careers - but I guess money is money...Whereas Angelina Love was a mainstay of the TNA Knockouts division and had a good run with the company.

Traders today....


Yeah, still not a fan, still not going to collect them, still....waiting for someone to be interested in taking them off my hands!


We end with the usual suspects - none of which again, were needed for me on completing this sucker...

I did get some more wrestling cards via Listia...

Happy getting a couple Bliss cards and Renee Young who I always enjoyed on aftermath on Aftermath on The Score.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

CNE Pack #12 - Lip Service

Well, an interesting first card here out of the CNE pack today.

At first look, I thought it might be a Benchwarmer card, and Traci has been on such cards, but this is actually a wrestling card....even if the back really doesn't read like one...

I guess it is good though, because this is an insert.

As for the rest of the keepers...

A wide variety of hockey cards, and the Mick Foley is an interesting one. Mick to me is a lifelong WWE guy, but he did spend a bit of time in TNA as evidenced by this card. Weird him being on a debut card given he started wrestling about two decades earlier. Ric Flair is another one that seems out of place on a TNA card since he was retired before this in WWE (though my understanding is that he asked for Shawn Michaels blessing to go back into the ring, Shawn being who beat him in the career on the line match at Wrestlemania).

As for the traders...

A bit of fighting, be it on a Planet of the Apes, or Kung Fu style. As for the rest, more of the usual suspects...

On a separate note, got some more Listia related wrestling cards to share....

Yeah, much more 2018 Womens Division cards ( and Heath). I haven't got a pack yet, and have been able to get 15 of the 50 women's cards and 20 of the 50 memories and moents cards - not a bad start.

Yikes now for Nikki and John on that last card...maybe...maybe not...if they are together, or not, or are....I really don't want to try and figure that one out...

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

2 Sets With 1 Trade

First, as everyone is aware, Stan Lee passed away yesterday. I was never big into comics myself for whatever reason, but his influence cannot be overstated. Then add in the more recent box office influence that his creations have had, and it has been an amazing life for the man. Though he may be gone, the creations he built will live on for a long time to come.

As for's always nice to be able to complete a trade, but being able to do two in a single day is even better. Being able to do so as the result of a single PWE trade - doesn't get much better than that.

I don't usually go out of my way to initiate trades, but found one person with the cards I need to complete two sets and asked if he would be willing to trade as I wasn't sure given the distance, but he agreed.

So this is also my first trade with someone in Norway, but well worth it and went off perfectly (yes, slightly longer getting the cards due to the air mail asked). So a big thank you to Steffanos44 for being open to the trade, and coming through in completing these sets...

Wasn't on purpose that the last two cards of 1997-98 Donruss that I needed were Canadiens, but that is how it worked out. This does complete the 230 card base set (yay!).

The other cards...

Here - not ure why it ended up with a bunch of goalies as the last cards I needed for the 200 card 1997-98 Pinnacle saet, but so be it.

Just like that, one 5 card PWE, and poof! Just like that, two sets down with one PWE.

I'd call that a successful day.

Monday, November 12, 2018

CNE Pack #11 - Another Pack at the Park

How can I possibly complain about a pack that gives me another 6 cards from this set? Okay - granted - I am no fan of Claude Lemieux (see his hit on Kris Draper for why), but the design at least makes him appear classy.

These were the other couple new to me hockey cards - similar sets to what we saw before.

Then we have this...

I don't know all wrestler tattoos, so if it wasn't for the James Storm name, I would have been really confused. Still - not sure I like the design and card in general, but it is a wrestling card at least. I could have done with a full shot showing the tattoo and then a write up about it on the back, and we are done and happy, just like that - too much border and not enough picture here though.

This is an upgrade. As much as I am close to done on 1987 Topps, I do have a few cards I wouldn't mind upgrading (they are very warped), and now I need one less.

Cards of intrigue I am only temporarily housing (see...traders)...

Does someone want me to start collecting golf, because it isn't happening...sorry. Plus marks for the scorecard border design though on Roberts.

A bunch more duplicate 1987 Topps followed by a rare (at this point) wrestling card duplicate, and one we basically just saw the other day. Oh well, bound to happen!

Not too shabby a day!

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Remembrance Day

Before anything else, nothing will overshadow the importance of today - remembering all those who fought for and paid the ultimate price for the world we live in today. No words can be enough to give those people thanks for all that they did and gave, but thank you all nonetheless - for those who fought, and for all those who lost someone they loved because they fought for what we have today.

I don't have a desert storm pack or something similar which would be more on point, but let's take a quick look at a pack of cards for today - 15 hockey card pack from Dollarama.

The pack is pretty much split down the middle between cards to keep and those to go, so let's look at the keepers first.

A number of early 90s cards, and here are a few I need. More importantly, a couple sets here that I am getting my first cards from - 1998-99 Black Diamond and 2017-18 Parkhurst.

The traders...

The Upper Deck 1991-92 card on the right is from the Czech World Juniors set. Obviously it is basically the same design as the main Upper Deck set that year, though a big difference in the font, though that may be due to what is standard there.

An alright pack, but not as good as I think I usually get.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Trade with not just any Smith

So I received an offer request on TCDB from someone new to me and fairly new to the site, RJ Smith. Without any feedback, my habit is just asking if they can send first, and I can't say I have run into a problem when doing so. It wasn't a big or expensive trade, so I probably could have sent at the same time anyway, but kept with my habit regardless.

So...what did I get...

Though I have the set completed, there are a few error cards I am looking to get another copy of. These are both grammar related errors - a missing comma and a spelling mistake. Small items, but still worthwhile for error collecting.

Have to have some Jays if we are including some baseball. Here are four more 1994 Topps Jays that I didn't have yet, the biggest name of the bunch being Paul Molitor.

Last cards in the PWE...

An excellent throwback design and feel set, kinda Heritage like, and a team photo!

I have said before I miss these team photo type cards, so happy to get this one into the collection, and to have made a new trade friend/partner!