Sunday, December 15, 2019

Whistling Dixie

TNA's Dixie Carter is an interesting figure in wrestling. I was never a big fan who watched TNA, but kept tabs on things through the internet wrestling sites. Like anyone in management, there were many rumours and thoughts that floated around which didn't speak too greatly of Dixie. This card...

Alludes to one of the things she is blamed for - the hiring of Hulk Hogan (the back notes that her favourite wrestler of all time was/is Hogan). Sure hogan had a cup of coffee with the same promotion in 2003, but it was when he was later brought in with Bischoff, that people looked at Dixie and wondered what she was thinking.

My understanding after the fact is that it wasn't so much her, as those at Spike TV which wanted Hogan, but of course, perception is another matter.

The other adds for the day are Fleer/Ultra hockey cards...

As for what is new to trade...there are these...

And then these...

I knew nothing of The Golden Compass - haven't read the book - but can appreciate there being cards to collect on the matter (obviously here, specific to the movie). If nothing else, I have a Nicole Kidman card I guess - not that I ever specifically wanted one, or have any intention to keep it.

Another item to share today, is a trade I did with TCDB member Shaw Racing. I have done a couple trades with him before, and they have been nice and smooth and the same was true here too...

Except these confused me. As it turned out, the wrong year MVP cards were pulled (I was looking for the same numbered cards a couple years later which were Leafs). Not a big deal, and he apologized for it anyway. I am sure we will trade again in the future just fine, no biggie, human error happens!

What I did get for keeping was...

A few more of the werror dupes I need on the error ridden 1990-91 Pro Set, one of the O Pee Chee Shares and Russians insert set, so I only need one more to complete the 66 card insert set, a couple Leafs and some Stadium Club set help!

Some more Leaf cards which are always great adds.

We end with Leafs that are a little more recent, but all needs.

Doesn't take much in a little PWE to bring a smile to my face - even with human error coming into play!

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Finding the gold

In today's pack, we get to focus on some gold - we start with some cold that I am going to keep.

This card is an insert about Champions, as is clear by the design, and commemorates Daniel Bryan winning the title for the first time in 2013, beating John Cena. The title reign didn't last long as Randy Orton then cashed in Money In The Bank, but I think Daniel ended up OK for the next little while, including that little main event win at Wrestlemania 30.

Though I also picked up some baseball card keepers in this pack...

There was also some more gold to be had.

1995-96 Basketball sure knew how to over do the gold parallels. Gold parallels these days either have a gold tinge or a flat coloured gold background, but mid-90s meant full old shiny gold!

Let's take a look at the rest of the pack....

I am not a big fan of Prestige, but can't complain about Lin and Durant being the basketball cards here. Linsanity was such a thing, though it didn't last too long. Lin hopped around a number of teams the last few years, including a stint in Toronto.

We also see some more American Pie cards which remind me, the DVD existed starting only in 1995 - seems so much longer!

Friday, December 13, 2019

American Pie

I am all for Canadiana or Americana - obviously depending on in which you live, one would mean more than the other. I don't collect sets centered around the topics, but they are very interesting to look at and remember the topics they cover.

Today, we touch on a few cards out of the 2011 Topps American Pie set...

Tracy and Grant were before my time, but even so, I do know the names and their importance. The Y2K dud, I lived through and remember the scare as everyone wasn't sure exactly what would happen with technology when the year 2000 hit and how the systems as a whole around the world would react. End result, not much of anything changed at all, except maybe a couple clocks showing the year 1900 instead of 2000.

I was a bit late to Facebook for someone that was around when it really started up, but I did get around to it nonetheless, and like most of the people who did at the time, I am still on it, but not overly active.

There were some other cards for trade in the pack as well...

A shame there were so many dupes in the 2012-13 Upper Deck hockey set as I was hoping there would be more to add. Was one keeper from the set though...

Ah, there we go, another one of those "great" drawing cards out of TNA. Well, may be a little more effort into this one than the last.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

To the drawing board

It's interesting to see unusual themes used for cards. A solid base set will usually have a subset or two within it that brings something special to it. In baseball and hockey you could count on this being something like All-Stars or Rookie Cards, such as Young Guns (though I don't enjoy the short printed nature of some of these).

In wrestling, it can be a little more unusual, and as I mentioned before, when talking TNA's Cross The Line set from about a decade ago, I don't think there was a base set with some subsets to it, but instead a bunch of subsets put together.

Well, here is some more example of that.

I can live with the Write Stuff subset, here touching on Angle coming to TNA, but the Curry Man card (Curry Man was played by Christopher Daniels), just all kinds of wow. Sure, it is different, but I can say that Daniels is no Picasso as I think my 6 year old could jot this out well.

I can be kind on this if it was just Curry Man's as he was a comic character, but there are a few other cards in the base set like this, and they are all roughly as bad. Maybe we will see another example from one of these packs later this month, but for now, at least it is a new addition to the collection..and if I get down to missing one or two cards like this from the set, I can get my kids to jot our a replica until I pick up originals.

This was a solid pack for hockey and even a bit of baseball as a couple sets saw some additional pick ups.

Three different red and grey dressed baseball teams represented for 2013 Topps, and one of the Kings (see later) that I needed from 2012-13 Upper Deck Hockey.

As for traders...

A bunch of decent hockey, mostly from sets I am not chasing to collect, while the wrestling cards are solidly duplicates of cards from a few days ago (hope I don't have that kind of correlation happen again).

I'd still call this pack a solid winner overall given the number of keepers for the collection, and that the dupes are all the sports I collect, so useful there as well.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

A Comical Pack

A bit surprised that it took this long to run into something comic related - not that I am keeping any such cards, but I do expect to see some.

The first card is out of the early 90s 30th Anniversary of Spiderman set. It reminds me of those cruddy Triple Play baseball sets of 2012 and 2013, except more well done of course.

The last two say Malibu Comics Entertainment - but not anything I have heard of before.

Other cards here that I won't be keeping include the first football cards as well, I think. A fine enough design, and classic for early 90s.

No Leafs or Jays in the baseball and hockey cards unfortunately (I did find some packs which showed those, and picked them up).

Not to fear, there were a few cards for keeps...

Ron Francis - Mr. Whaler as far as I am concerned, but here as a Pen. I should make a list of "guys I would player collect if I did player collections" as he would definitely make the list, similar to Doug Gilmour, and in baseball would think of Ryne Sandberg and Tony Gwynn if I were to just name two.

Who knows, maybe we will see one of those guys in the next day or two...

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Muscling through another

It isn't the expectation at all, but like the UFC gold parallels the other day, there can be an insert or parallel in these packs as well. Not a great chance of such items, and I think they are included more out of error (because they look like base cards otherwise), than anything else.

Here is one of the TNA Wrestling inserts which, I actually have a second of from the same insert set. Honestly, I really don't like the design as it is just so little picture considering the room on the card, and the topic matter is a bit ridiculous, but that was TNA a lot of the time anyway - not necessarily a lot to see, and a little ridiculous at times.

Worked out that there were a few cards to add for some sets including a Rhino card for WWE Rhyno while outside the WWE - the subtlety of a letter.

As for the traders...

This card is already claimed by someone. A nice card and Goodwin is generally a solid design, here hitting the subject matter.

The rest of the traders include a bunch of basketball - the first to come out of these packs so far, but I am sure there will be more. Add to that, a few wrestling card and hockey dupes.

Again, an interesting pack if nothing else - so worth the price of admission.

Monday, December 9, 2019

We keep improving

These packs are getting better and better for me.

I get using subsets in a base set to highlight something, like MVPs for each team, or all star teams, but this TNA set, I swear, is all subsets. These three cards are in the base set, and have very different designs. There are others as well. Might as well just made some of these insert sets and be done with it.

I will say, I do like the Then and Now though, a nice look and great subject.

Yup, the wrestling cards were not all, we also get a few other keepers. Never a problem getting Big Papi, or even a nice 2006-07 Parkhurst addition.

As for the traders...

Again, great variety. Some more 1991 7th Inning Award cards, a bit of hockey dupes, golf cards...I mean, the only thing not here seems to be a picture of a kitchen sink...wonder if that has been done before...