Friday, October 22, 2021

A Change of Clothes

 Well, may not collect the set, but still MUCH better than 7th Inning Sketch cards from yesterday.

1994-95 Pinnacle hockey provides a front design that screams "use the foil!". I will say, getting this card, which is a new addition, is a nice pick up as it is one I would miss at a glance in a dime box. It does say Toronto for the team, and the Leaf logo is on the back, but given it's obviously from his time in Anaheim, it wouldn't necessarily be something I'd focus on enough to pick out.

I will say, thank goodness they didn't try to airbrush a Leaf jersey on him!

Nice to see LeClair and Brind'Amour side by side...even before they were teammates.

Also always like seeing Bondra - great player, even if for a shorter period of time all things considered.

Not really a fan of the faux backgrounds like on the Poulin card, especially when you have nice action shots and on ice photos like Soderstrom.

Not my favourite of sets, and the foiling fronts are excessive, but I am one Leaf stronger for the bunch!

Before going for today, I had a nice package of 45 or so cards come across from, a mixture of Jays, Leafs and a couple error cards, but let's take a look.

There are still a good number of base card Jays from the 1980s that I can use, and a couple are included here. I really like the 1982 O Pee Chee leaders card. A bit of flash across the bottom row too with a 1993 Bowman foil card (subset in the base set), ToppsGold and Ultra which liked to use the gold foil.

A half dozen 1998 Donruss cards and...

Half a dozen more. Daniel Norris is an interesting one as I think he is the most often rookie/prospect Jays card I remember from the first half of the 2010s. There were a couple other ones which came up during the second half of the decade.

This card has me a bit confused...

This looks like the black mini version from the 2008 Goudey set, but then it should be SN to 34. I must be missing something...or maybe the card is.

Speaking of possible errors, here are a couple real ones...

A nicely miscut 1987 Topps card, and apparently Borje is "Slaming" according to his card.

As for the Leafs cards...

I am almost done with the team set for 2002-03 Upper Deck MVP with these nice additions.

Of this bunch, my fave is gotta be the rainbow foil Morgan from O Pee Chee Platinum. I am partial to anything from the Artifact sets to a tough call.

These portrait cards from 2020-21 Upper Deck scream too much of the colourfest from the 90s for my liking.

The best of the bunch...a couple team set completions...

There are two of the Leaf points cards from 2002-03 Parkhurst, Mats and Tim Horton, and I already have Timmy, so that's nice to complete.

Also, all three Leafs from this past National Hockey Card Day in Canada set. Really love seeing a new Wendel Clark card - woohoo!

Many big thanks as always!

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Okay - One Interesting Card

 Well, I haven't been able to completely escape 7th Inning Sketch cards as they inundate me today, but at leas tthe first card is an interesting one.

Marc Crawford went on to good success in the NHL - I mean, coaching near 1,200 games in the NHL with his most known stints likely being the Stanley Cup win in Colorado or long tenure in Vancouver - which didn't end with a Cup unfortunately.

Here we see him before all of that as head coach for the Cornwall Royals. It's interesting in that Marc was quick to turn from a career on the ice, to being behind the bench the next year.

He played through the 80s including about 180 games over 6 years with the Canucks, but after a season in the IHL in 1988-89, he jumped behind the bench for Cornwall the next year, then, after two years with Cornwall, three with St. John's, he ended up in the NHL with the Nordiques from there.

Yeah - at least the backs here provide a different view than the fronts we have seen enough of.

I guess enough with the OHL set, we end with a few QMJHL cards to end.

Since that did oh so much for me own collection...a good day to try another 15 cards from the repacks.

A nice couple set pick ups and....

The typical three inserts/parallels or otherwise special cards. I know, the Marquee Rookies card is really more of a shorter printed (or lower odds of getting) subset card - but still works!

As for the rest...

A typical nice variety of the rest provides some new trade fodder if anyone is interested.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Reaching The Pinnacle


As a kid, you are not always aware of everything. For example, at the time, I always thought Macoun coming Toronto was probably a big deal for him. I mean, who wants to play in Calgary when you can play in Toronto?

Yeah - I was very much Toronto biased as a kid, and I like to think that has changed somewhat.

For some, playing in Toronto would be the pinnacle of their career, but probably not necessarily for Jamie. I mean, he had a solid run in Toronto, but it's not the same as his time, and success in Calgary.

It was supposed to be different and Toronto was supposed to win Stanley Cups, and Jamie did win a Stanley Cup after leaving just had to be with Detroit in 1998.

Beyond Macoun, nothing for me to keep here, and then we get....

enough of the basketball set to say, I think there was a complete set at one point which has been cherry picked through. Too much of it has come up to tell me otherwise.

Well, at least not all the subset all star cards have been pulled. Same is true of the top prospect cards, so still some solid winners in here.

Another 15 from today...still have a good handful plus of these to go.

As ,luck would have it, this is probably the "worst" one so far, but just because of the lack of luck on Leafs and as luck would have it, no new set additions, but still - these two are insert additions, so that'sn still really good.

I think 1987-88 Topps is now the earliest set I have pulled from these packs, so that's really neat.

Just luck that the base cards, like Luke Adam, just ended up being cards I already have. Oh well, still a fine repack for the price.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Check Out My Checklists

Checklists are fun. Not sure they need to be inserts like they were in 2003-04 McDonalds, but so be it. 

A handful of Gary Roberts checklists gives me a total of 9, so I could fill a page if I wanted to!

I actually needed these two, which leaves me with a single remaining checklist outstanding to complete the insert set - card 2 - Joe Tohrnton.

1991-92 Pro Set Platinum - yeah, the attempt at a higher price point set...well, something higher than the basement of Pro Set.

As you can see, heavy on the checklists from that same McDonald's set, but no #2 means no complete set yet.

A couple ad cards from the same McDonald's set before we get into some 1991-92 Upper Deck basketball. I can say, none of the names really ring a bell for me.

A solid bunch today as I always love McDonald's representing, even if it may not be the most cards to keep from the 50, that's okay.

Before ending today, I have a nice PWE trade to share that I made with StarsFan at TCDB.

A bunch of my missing 1991-92 Stadium Club cards are taken care of here. One surprise is the Mark Recchi which is misfoiled so will instead include as an error and look for a "cleaner" copy for the base set.

A solid bunch of Leaf additions, most around the turn of the millennium. The 1997-98 Pinnacle Totally Certified are nicely serial numbered. Sure, they are out of 4299 and 6199, but they are still serial numbered on the back which is really coll.

We end with two nice retro cards from a set I haven't seen before in 1999-00 Upper Deck Century Legends. There are still a number of Leafs in the set I'd love to get now, now that I've gotten a couple cards in hand.

Big thanks for the trade StarsFan!