Saturday, August 24, 2019

A Quick Go With Bowman

So I was at Wal-Mart not too long ago (okay, maybe longer than I recall), and I wanted to pick this up for the unopened pack collection since I didn't have anything from 2019 Bowman yet. Since there is an extra pack in this, it also gives me a chance to open a pack and see if I get lucky enough to get poster boy Vladdy.

A closer look...the packs are...

The 5 Camo cards also include a very obvious security tag inside the pack - nice big bump on the back, but into the collection it goes!

As for the opening of a pack...

Decent, but fairly standard Bowman design for the base cards. I will say, it is nice to get 12 cards in a pack instead of say 5 or 6.


Yeah, this is more what Bowman is known for - all the rookie and prospect cards. Not really my thing, but don't mind Chrome inserts or...

A nice green parallel with an SN to 99! Makes for a successful pack - other than not getting a Jays card, I guess.

Friday, August 23, 2019

It continues...

Had a bunch of Pittsburgh cards in the first half of this 80 card Dollarama pack. Let's see if that continues.

First up, the Jay content...

Only the one Jay card in this half.


A bit heavy on the "junk wax", bu some needs still found there as I go the slow and steady route on a number of sets, like 1989 Fleer for example. Best of the bunch is the Busch Stadium though as I have a soft spot for ballpark cards.


A whole bunch of '87-'91 cards and a lone later Topps card I just happen to have.

A quick second half, and not a super one - still a couple nice cards, and a bunch for a Pittsburgh fan, but that's just not my thing.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

A Pittsburgh fan would be happy

So yesterday was $2 for some hockey cards, today is $3 for some baseball cards. Another Dollarama re-pack starting today (40 today, 40 tomorrow). I doubt I will see as many Jays I did in the last one of these I did - 15 that time I think - but these are always good for a few surprises no matter what.

Let's start with the Jays from these cards...

Nothing new for the collection, but love getting any additional Dave's.

The rest of the keepers...

Yeah, a good bunch of Pirates in this half. Awesome as always getting earlier 80s cards - especially Fleer. It's nice to also get an early Tom Glavine card, and see a less than usual Fleer Focus card. The Yu Darvish is a pretty nice card too, especially as I don't usually enjoy Bowman too much.


As I say - even more Bucs...9 in the half, a half that included 41 cards, that's pretty darn good for a team collector...similar in numbers to the Jays in the last great pack of these I got.

A nice first half, check back for the second half tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

How far $2 Goes

Today we have a $2 Hockey Card Surprise Bag from Dollarama to look through. Will it be worth the $2? Let's see!

So, a card holder which I am sure I can put to use, a couple packs (fairly generic) of cards and a classic Pro Set pack which may bring up an error card or two.

Let's start with the Pro Set since it probably won't bring much excitement.

Interesting enough - I actually didn't have this ad insert card, so I can at least add this one to my complete set. Might as well try and make it that little bit more complete.

Yeah - so this makes the pack probably the most Leaf friendly pack I have ever had from this set. Amazing to end up with 5 of the 15 cards being Leafs, but I will absolutely take it!

The rest of the pack has nothing to write home about - no error card or variation needs, but still....5 Leafs!

Let's look at the 2010 pack...

Well - exactly as advertised, nothing more, and nothing less.

Lastly, the 4 cards (including a superstar)...

Again, pretty much what you expect - I gather Drouin or Toews would count for being the superstar in this pack.

All in - not a bad little surprise bag, especially with the heavy Leaf content, even if it is circa 1990 Pro Set.

Something that wasn't $2, was what I picked up on my last trip to 401games before they moved up Yonge street a bit - a few packs of MTG Core 2020 set packs. I usually pick up three and get one or two dupes of cover art, so open a pack or two, but not this time.

Ended up with the three different cover arts, so the packs all end up going into the unopened pack collection - still works well for me!

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Finishing with some 2019 Topps

The Gems of the Game repack box ends today with two packs of 2019 Topps Series 1.

Pack 1:

A couple nice cards including the Lindor, but my favourite by far is the Angels Stadium card. So glad to see these in the base set as I enjoy the Stadiums and their uniqueness. I haven't gone as far as specifically collecting stadium cards, but do have a good appreciation for them.

The packs are 10 cards each, so last we have...

An error card.

Apparently there were a number of issues with WHIP and career calculations on these cards (or so says TCDB), so the stat calcs are incorrect for a number of pitcher card career totals, and here is one of them. Appears the 2018 line just isn't included in the calculation - oops to someone for missing that.

Pack 2:

I think Rosario wins for best picture in the bunch with an all basepath background.

As for card 10...

Another pitcher error card.

Unfortunately no Jays in the couple packs, but unexpected cards fo keeps with the couple errors almost makes up for it.

6 Packs, 47 cards, 98 Points.

2019 Box Scores
1) Top Shelf Repack 1 9.8696
2) 2016 Topps WWE Then Now Forever Blaster 2 8.0000
3) 2015-16 Upper Deck Champs Box 7.7130
4) 2016 Topps Allen & Ginter Blaster 5.1220
5) 2015-16 Upper Deck Portfolio Box 3.6067
6) 2018-19 Tim Hortons Chrismas Packs 3.3913
7) 2017 Topps Allen & Ginter Blaster 3.3333
8) 2016 Topps WWE Road To Wrestlemania Blaster 1 3.2222
9) 2017 Topps WWE Blaster 1 3.1905
10) 2017 Topps WWE Blaster 2 3.1389
11) 2015 Topps WWE Heritage Blaster 1 3.1296
12) 2017 Topps Update Baseball Blaster 3.1000
13) 2016 Topps WWE Blaster 1 3.0952
14) 2018 Topps WWE Then Now Forever Blaster 1 3.0476
15) 2016 Topps WWE Then Now Forever Blaster 1 3.0317
16) 2016 Topps Series 2 Baseball Blaster 2.9700
17) 2016 Topps WWE Road To Wrestlemania Blaster 2 2.8194
18) 2015 Topps WWE Heritage Blaster 2 2.6923
19) Championship Collection Box 1 2.5366
20) 2016 Topps WWE Blaster 2 2.2917
21) Gems of the Game Repack 1 2.0851
22) 1996 SkyBox 30 Years of Star Trek Phase Three 1.8963

Almost bottom of the barrel for this one. Unfortunately not a lot that hit the collection from what was opened and no inserts or otherwise non-base cards in the couple 2019 Topps Series 1.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Let's Talk Average

Moving onto the 2016 Leaf Babe Ruth set pack, we get to talk about average...

The best of the pack is the Career Achievement insert which, obviously discusses his nice .342 career average. I appreciate the discussion on the back which discusses the fact Babe Ruth figured that, if he settled for trying to hit singles, he could have hit about .600. Guess we will never know, but I am not one to doubt the man.

The base cards that are all new to me...

The set goes in order through his career, the last of these four being near his retirement, taking a tip of the cap accordingly. The cards are unique for not being game shots, and quite varied, can't complain about that.

4 Packs, 27 cards, 78 Points.

I have had a number of small PWEs come across from trades, and today is no exception as I had the priviledge of trading with rmitchell6700 at TCDB - though you may recognize him more for his blog $30 A Week Habit.

Fleer Premium is a set I haven't seen much of in hand, but is a design I like. As much as black borders are difficul to keep mint, they do make the card pop a bit more in the design.

Big thanks for the PWE, and hope we can do some more in the future.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Sticking to it

We continue with another pack from the Gems of the Game box - the bonus 2012 Topps Stickers pack.

First pack of this I have ever had in hand, and expect that all there will be, best case, is a Jays sticker - but not very high hopes.

Not a bad design, very simple, and works for the stickers. Nice close shots, though the blurred backgrounds are what we do these days, but not my preference.

Best of the bunch would be Cutch me thinks.

I am going to hold on to these for the time being, but I expect they will quickly be culled when I look to reduce the "normal" card collection - where I currently keep one of every card I get, and focus down to actual sets I may complete.

3 Packs, 22 cards, 68 Points.

Also today, a quick PWE from 49ants at TCDB which helped with some 80s O Pee Chee Leafs...

1984-85 O Pee Chee cards. Yeah, had to get them in a trade from the US instead of somewhere here in Canada apparently, but either way, glad they are here now! Mid-80s is just before I really started collecting, so anything here or earlier is great to add.

Big thanks to 49ants!

Lastly - in case you are still reading - I am going to revamp my helping friends page. I had used this to give long-term props to those I have been trading with, but what I would like to do to make a different kind of list. Not sure what this is going to exactly be - maybe by team collecting or something...I'll call it a work in progress for now...