Saturday, February 4, 2023

Adding A Cavalcade

 So this was a Christmas gift....from a year ago. I didn't open it at the time as I wasn't building sets, but since I don't mind having some playable sets now, I figure I might as well open it. Let's take a look at what exactly you get in this challenger deck...

The covering sleeve gives you the detail on the number of each card included, so no real surprises at all with what you get, and for scanning, will share one of each so you can see the details of each card.

These decks usually do a decent job of having more rares (which you pay for), but those rares are not big dollar cards typically, so it's not like you are saving money in buying these decks. You are saving on having to figure ou what cards to include in a deck. These are good for starting players that may not really know how to put the mechanics together to build a deck from scratch. Like the scans, this deck centers around Chandra.

There are a few token cards included as shows, and as for the side board...

Shock is a nice little card, though is a poor man's lightning bolt (which was 3 damage for one red mana).

The dock is fine overall, and I am not going to fiddle with or adjust this one, but definitely playable with my son, so a good add in that way.

Friday, February 3, 2023

Wrestling From A Football Fan

Today we get to share a PWE trade with TCDB member 49erfan23. I sent off some football and Marvel cards in exchange for some wrestling cards off my want list. 

Two 1990s sets covered here, being the 1990 Classic and 1990 Classic History of Wrestlemania sets. The cards are very much Classic in look and feel - a bit on the cheap side and a bit bland, but I won't argue with the awesomeness of both.

I mean, from Bobby and Macho Man - you get nice posed pics and the "logo" name on the front with a brief write up on the back. As for Wrestlemania, can't go wrong with reliving the big show from the earlier years, though it was so much more different than the show it has grown to be today. The moments from these cards are V and VI, but the set does cover them from the first to sixth.

I still need plenty of cards from both sets, but definitely will trade for the help - so big thanks to 49erfan23!

Thursday, February 2, 2023

Ending With Some Leafs

 Well, I can't complain about getting some dupes, if I am going to get a couple Leaf insert cards from the 2022-23 Tim Hortons set.

If nothing else, getting the 2 Auston inserts here makes this probably the best day of opening these packs. Makes up for the fact that, even though I lucked out and get 2 Flow In Time inserts in the 30 packs I opened when odds were one in 24 packs, that they just so happened to be the exact same one.

So overall, with 30 packs, I ended up with about 1/3 of the base set and of each of the typical insert sets. Not a bad start, but plenty to go and I have them all added to my TCDB want list, so I can see how things go to move forward with filling the binder this year.

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Almost There

 Well, the set itself may not be - I will end up short of half way there on the base set when I finish up tomorrow, but it's still fun to be going through these packs and seeing just what I get (and what is left that I will need).

I guess I keep catching up on those red die cut inserts with a couple more here. Again, not too bad as they are both new to me so I get to keep filling the binder. I do give them credit that at least the red die cut cards use different photos for the cards instead of just using the base one, which is nice.

Definitely going to have some work to do on the set after tomorrow, and I might just make it a goal to try and get as much of it filled as possible during the rest of this year.

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

And Here They Are

 Well, I guess I shouldn't have said anything about the red die cut cards as we get a couple more of them today, but at least they are new to me.

Happy to get a second Marner base card so I have one for the Leafs collection, but I didn't need the dupe Barrie card. Also doesn't help the Triumphs' insert was a dupe as well.

With so many red die cut cards, as there are 42, surprised I may end up with only 6-7 of them when all are said and done. Not sure why, but don't like them as much in this year's set as I do in the prior couple years.

Monday, January 30, 2023


 Four days of Timmies cards left, including today - I'd like to see all new for me cards, but can't even stop dupes from happening within the three packs today.

Between 2 Kopitars and the third Stamkos so far today, not great. At least all the inserts are new for me.

Given the odds, I am a bit surprised I haven't had a couple more red die cast cards pop up as they are supposed to be every four packs, and I haven't been hitting that ratio (yet). I won't complain about being below average on it since it means I am above average on others. Getting a second Spectrum Standout card, I can confirm - I like the pretty wintery background design - excellent!

Sunday, January 29, 2023

Leafy Goodness

Always look for days in opening these Timmies packs, where I luck out and get multiple Leaf cards - and today is that lucky day.

Sure, the Cole Montreal card is a dupe, but we get a Marner base, and an InMotion Bunting Leaf card as well, so today is definitely a win.

After some games over a couple years in Arizona, Bunting became a Leaf and being a hometown boy from Scarborough (same as me), glad to see him doing well with the Buds. It's always nice to see athletes given the chance to compete for their hometown team. I would think it's extra motivation to do well for the player, so you end up getting a better overall performance, and I guess more bang for your buck by the team.

A few more days of cards to go through, and hopes to get the binder even more full!