Sunday, January 24, 2021

Their Backs!

 I promised the next time we looked at these I'd show some backs...

A rainbow of colours, but lots of facts and race specific information on these, so very solid work all around. It would be interesting to compare how much prize money has gone up over the years.

Here are the fronts to finish off this set. Given the size of the cards, I don't expect them to be floating among the regular card size boxes..but I guess anything is possible...

The last of the oversized cards come from 1995-96 Jam Session

These are slightly bigger than the Indy 500 cards, and very much 90s coloured and designed. I mean, I have no idea why we plaster little dot design lines over the picture, and why the top border needs to change every card almost. Very 90s.

Maybe the regular cards tomorrow will be more...regular.

Let's go back to some cards from with some Jays that, in a fell swoop, finish off three different team sets.

1993 Flair is a really beautiful set, like a recent year of Stadium Club with great photos, but excellent, thick cardstock and nice gloss. These are all beautiful - even the checklist, though I scanned the wrong side for my Jays collection as Alomar is in the background on the back.

Another set, which I hadn't seen before in hand is 2001 Flee E-X...

The sparkle in these cards doesn't come off in the scan, but I can live with the red colouring given the larger amount of red in their uniforms in the day.

This last set is the 2002 Home Team Advantage version of the Topps Blue Jays. I had absolutely none, and boom - whole complete!

Really appreciate having these team sets done and added to the display shelf - big thanks!

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Getting To Know You

 Today, we work our way through more of the finishing field from the 1994 Indy.

Personally, I have a big preference in having these cards dons without the helmets on. A set with nice crisp photos of the actual drivers without the helmets adds something. I like the helmets in close action shots, but not needed here. Heck, a bit surprised with how they did cards in the 90s, that we didn't get a subset of helmet shots since we did get the cards already in the set (though the cards are much more iconic).

In finishing these up next time, I'll show the backs which are pretty interesting as well as they again detail the race including prize money, Indy career prize money won, how long they lased in the rave, their best finish, etc. Again, a very solid design and detail which makes sense since, instead of an entire season, the set really is focused solely on the one race.

Let's end today with a TCDB trade with new trade partner, though quite close as it is someone in Toronto - Nathan-John-Mercer - who provided an opportunity for some wrestling cards.

All of the cards are out of the 2012 Topps set, which even if you don't see much with wrestling cards, the design is the same as the one Topps used for baseball in 2012 as well.

Best of the cards is The Undertaker, and his shaved head. Glad he grew it back out before calling it a career. I didn't mind the look for the feuds at the time but glad that was it.

Also - R-Truth, I swear, looks the same now as 2012 (and as in 1999 for that matter).

Friday, January 22, 2021

Rams, Dolphins and Eagles, Oh My!

The second lat bunch of 1991 Pro Set football cards, and we get a bunch of filthy animals.

Okay, so we get a single Ram and then a team lead by a great coach in Don Shula, and the greatest quarterback to never win a Super Bowl in Dan Marino.

Jim Mora spent most of his coaching career with the Saints before having a few seasons with Indianapolis. I know him more for appearing in some TSN Top 10 segments for his press conference with the Colts complaining that they can't even win a game, forget about the playoffs.

We soar away at the end of this one with a few Eagles.

Okay...still too much football...let's fix this with some more Leafs from

Not all Leaf team sets need to be huge to be complete, as these all finish off small ones.

Sometimes scanning doesn't do justice to the cards, like and of the top row. The Pinnacle Zenith Potvin (top left) is really nice in hand, and a really solid set, but when you scan a HoloGrFX card like Cujo (bottom left), it just pops!

The Sittler Archives from about 2001 is a sweet card too, but more because of the nostalgia factor and design of course.

Not sure why we needed a Golfing insert set for a hockey set, showing the hockey players golding. SUre, many do, but I don't have a huge desire to see Mats golfing, but here he is!

Design wise, that middle Belfour in Classic Portraits wins for me. It's a lot of white space which may seem wasted, but I like the simplicity of the design, plus it isn't a huge set, so...maybe...?

I really love the 2013-14 Artifacts design, so thrilled to have Doug now from the set. It, and even the 2012-13 year were the specific Artifact set years I love most. Also, yes, just realizing that, given my enjoyment of Magic Artifact cards, I probably like the Artifact sets a little more accordingly...

We end with a few older cards including a unique Potvin from 1993-94 Score Derivage which is a small 50 card set.

Big thanks again to Steven for all the great cards, and keeping up a great site!

Thursday, January 21, 2021

The Cards and The Drivers

 So, as we go through this 1994 SkyBox Indy 500 set, I have to say, I really like to structure of the checklist. Gong from the start of the set, you have the event detailed, the starting grid, and we get into some important points of the race itself.

I remember Jacques doing very well in his first Indy, and being extremely excited that he may even win the thing, here even being in the lead at one point.

As you can see from the scans there are generally two or three of each card and so far, there is only a single card missing so far in the set (card #8).

Of course you get a couple winner shots as well, and then you even get what is, nice full pictures of each driver based on the order they finished.

Here you have finishers 2-5, with Jacques having come up just short in at number 2.

These are nice cards for getting signatures too I would figure...plenty of space and good photos.

Since we are still quite sparse on anything that adds to my about some hockey cards from

With these cards, I have three new team sets completed - and actually the Studio cards in the middle ARE the complete set. The 1991-92 Pinnacle is a bit surprising, but I think that it goes unnoticed by me because there are the bilingual versions too, so I may figure I had the set already, but it was between these English only and those bilingual ones.

As for the 1998-99 Finest - another small Leaf base set, but these complete it regardless - awesome!

Some other sets with multiple additions...

The Parkhurst Emerald Ice parallels I always enjoy as it is noticeable on the Parkhurst logo, but doesn't detract from the card at all.

Anyone every play the One On One Challenge card game? I have a handful of these cards already, but never bothered to look up if the game itself was any good. It didn't last long, so I assume not...

1998-99 Be A Player is a set that doesn't scan well with the dark metallic background, but look better in hand, though still a bit heavy coloured for my liking.

I chuckled at the Phil Kessel card as the pose of him with his reflection and just staring back at himself - kind of sums up his tenure in Toronto for me.

2018-19 OPC Coast To Coast is a set I hadn't heard about at all - must have missed it coming out. The design isn't bad, though the contrasting gold/red with the Toronto blue is a bit much. Still, an awesome threesome!

Speaking of threesomes, we end this bunch with some newer flagship Upper Deck. As much as I like Auston for his goal scoring ability, it's close, but I think I enjoy Marner just a little more as the playmaker and assist man on the team. Happy I don't have to choose though, and can see both play for the Leafs!

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Is It All Subsets?

First up - so George Springer is coming to the Jays - wow! Definitely a big move to bring a big presence to the Jays. Will be interesting to see him fit into the Jays line up but he should be able to add a few more wins a season to the team - question is, will it be enough to get into and push in the playoffs. Still, exciting to think of the prospects.

Getting back to the cards...there seems to be a theme in this here football set - oodles and oodles of subsets.

Here we obviously have some "Legends" subset cards. I will show my lack of football knowledge in saying, none of these names really strike a chord with me. The only one that might just a little is Joe Ferguson because of the Buffalo connection, but that's about it.

Another subset with some stars from the World League because...we need a bigger base set!

Pro Football Hall of Fame Photo Contest entries in a few of the categories. The photos are great and all, but this counts as a subset too?

A subset with a message - seen some of these before, but here are some more - remember - sstay in school don't do drugs, violence is get out on the football field and slam into each vilence there, right?

We then end with some round 1 selections as we saw the later rounds already.

Wow - that is a variety of subsets. Just a couple more chunks of cards from this set left, at least from what was in the binder, so will have to see if there is anymore in the lot as a whole,. I don't think there is a complete set, but for 850 cards, my guess is that this may end up covering about 800 of them.

Let's do a quick crack of some cards from Steven over at - yes, there is still a place to get cards at 10 cents each, check them out!

Today, just a small pile - the stickers, and small cards as well as some sweet error cards.

Those 1990 Panini Stickers sure bring back memories. Use to have hundreds of those and collect and share them at school. Not sure where they all disappeared to over time, but awesome to have a few back.

The Frycer card is a new one on me - being a Post mini card, I presume it was a cereal or similar insert back in 1981-82. Very cool addition to the collection as well.

As for error cards...

A nice crimped edge on Jassen, a slight miscut on Gill, with Garvin and Harcher being shifted enough to have a bit of other cards showing from the sheet. Nothing too excessive, but all solid adds to the error collection...oh and this one...

Obviously the sheet was put in upside down for the die cutting to be done, so yeah, just completely upside down. Given it is a Leaf too - absolutely love this card.

A great bunch and this is only scratching the surface.

Trust be told, I've let Steven know about the lot I am working through, and though I may trade parts of it away, anything else I am left with, I am sticking aside to give to him once COVID let's him travel a bit and when he comes by the area. I figure it's a great place to help ensure the cards find proper homes, at affordable prices, and ensures I am not housing 20k cards or so for an extended period. Happy to support a great site and good guy, just hope things allow him to make the trip later this year or sometime next spring - whenever it becomes safe!