Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Platinum Parallel

I am in no way collecting 2014-15 O Pee Chee Platinum. Don't get me wrong, it's a pretty set, but with a mere four cards a pack, and not being a product I wanted to drop money on, and not much as far as desire on the cards involved, just not happening.

They are pretty cards. Heck, best card of the 4 in this pack from the NHL Championship Collection box is a nice rainbow - after taking a few minutes to try and sort through the different parallels.

Nice scanned colour scheme with the Sharks, and Hertl isn't too bad a pick up for a rainbow card (which fall every 3 packs).

Best of the base, a nice rookie in Ekblad. While the others...

Solid again, but no Leafs so not an overwhelmingly good pack for my own collecting.

13 Packs, 92 Cards, 286 Points.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Misrepresented and Great Scott!

So today, we very clearly have a pack of 2013-14 Upper Deck Series 1. Here is a scan again of the package if you don't believe me.

Why do I bring this up? Well, it may not be a set I am collecting, so my care here is for Leafs and inserts. No Leafs, but here is the front and back of the insert...

Appreciate getting one of these as they are every 12 packs, but the back of the pack clearly says series 2, as well as being 2012-13 Upper Deck...huh. Not sure what happened there, but so be it. Just thought it was an interesting issue on the card.

As for the base cards, here they are without further ado...

Another solid design for a flagship set by Upper Deck

12 Packs, 88 Cards, 280 Points.

On a separate note, Jeff Scott - a reader and local Toronto guy, was nice enough to reach out again regarding some cards he's offloading as he pairs down his collection. He offered the cards up, and what I am planning to do once I go through them, is catalog a separate for sale collection with them on TCDB and simply work in, when trading, that I get back some Boston hockey cards for him. Since he is so close, when I have a bunch, I can meet up with him or otherwise get them over to him.

At a glance, I expect there are a few thousand cards to go through, and as the next couple months are my busiest work wise, I think this will be a May-July project, with the hopes of having a health stack to him later this year.

Sorry Jeff for not getting into them sooner, at least for showing on the blog, but I will try and get some of the stuff entered over at TCDB sooner and see what I can do!

Monday, February 24, 2020

Victory Luck and Brassard

As usual with these packs, I try not to really look at what the inserts are until I need to, just to keep a bit more surprise. So, with this pack of 2009-10 Upper Deck, I wasn't expecting this...

Probably not a name big with America sports followers, but I was the right age growing up, and following the Olympics that Brassard was a big deal. Also introduced many Canadians to the moguls (which, unlike the name may suggest, are not fuzzy little forest creatures - moguls sounds like such a thing). If you don't know, think of the moguls as doing a straight downhill ski, except there are bump the entire way, except a couple breaks where there are jumps.

The other insert...

Sweeeet. Love the Leaf content, and new card for the collection too.

A great pack for new base adds as well, as these were the new ones. The Malkin is a great shot, even if it is horizontal.

Lonely dupe...

I'd say this was the best pack so far.

11 Packs, 80 Cards, 261 Points.

Also for shares today - more baseballsportscardsca love!

We start with something recent I mentioned as here is the final card from the 6 card insert set out of 2012-13 Score, "The Franchise". A great add and nice insert set to have knocked off.

Speaking of knocking off, these three cards provide the single Jays cards in the respective sets. These are the first Silver Slugger and Homerun Heroes cards I think I have ever had in only about 30 years after the products were out.

Other wrap up items - we have some last cards out of Toronto team sets with some 1993 O Pee Chee Premier and the American purple bordered 1001-92 Score set.

Not to fear - lots of other Leaf goodies of course. As much as I really like the higher end feel and cards of Leaf Limited and Summit - that Ed Belfour Beehive card with the blue border is really nice. I think the colour just makes it pop nicely.

I really should have more 1989 and 1991 O Pee Chee cards. I don't know why, even at the time, it was the Topps versions I ended up with a lot. Being in Toronto, I would have thought it would all be O Pee Chee in stores.

The Robbie Flair is much better in hand, the shiny background doesn't scan as nicely here as it actually is in hand.

Some great variety in Jays here. A pretty mini with the 2016 Diamond King, otherwise - I am not a fan of a couple of the designs, specifically the Stanley Circa Thunder which is so 90s with all the colour, and the later Fleer Game Time design which doesn't do much for me with the excessive bordering designs.


Well that was unexpected. Didn't think I'd see a Magic card come along my way, but definitely a solid add as this is a card from Apocalypse circa 2001. The symbol (mid right of the card) being silver means it is an uncommon.

Wouldn't make my favourite artwork list, but a new one for my collection of artifact cards, and another golem artifact too!

Another awesome package of cards from baseballcardstoreca!

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Overcoming Correlation

I will get to correlation later because there is a gem of a card in this pack, which makes up for those issues...

Alright, so it isn't a Leaf card, but nice 1 in 12 odds, and happens to be my personal favourite Leaf captain Douggie, so I love this one. Only fits into the collection as being an insert, but that is more than enough for me!

Still can't believe he was picked 134th overall.

The other insert is the expected Victory Update...

Again, solid player just like Gomez yesterday.

Was able to get another three base cards knocked off the set with these but...

These show you that they must package and correlate these as a 3 and 3 bunch with 2 insert and Update card sandwiched in between. I guess each set has to have their own way of packaging, but this really sucks given the back to back pack like this.

10 Packs, 72 Cards, 216 Points.

Also up today, a great trade that does some damage on a set I absolutely love. The trade is with TCDB member bobfetta.

I have gushed about this set before - 2008-09 Upper Deck Masterpieces. Can't say enough about how much I enjoy the look and feel of the cards - even if there are no stats on the back. I think I still have about 15 base cards to go on the set, but the 11 make a great dent, and some high quality base cards here...and Patrick Roy.

We also have some Jays and a 70s O Pee Chee Leaf logo. Other than Rios being in an ugly orange, a great bunch and awesome trade!

Saturday, February 22, 2020

2009-10 Upper Deck

Today we move on from the bunch of 2012-13 Score packs to a few 2009-10 Upper Deck ones (series 2 to be exact). This is another set which has been on my radar to collect, so although I have not been actively working on it, these packs give me a chance to pick up a few more base card needs and maybe see something else interesting with regards to inserts. Going in, only have about 13% of the base set, so plenty of room to add. Well, let's see what we have here in the first pack...

I have to say, this is a really nice looking base set with the lack of a border, and not a lot of space taken up by the name and logo (small complaint is them being foil, so a little harder to read).

Three new base adds - a bit lower than I would have expected, but did get a couple other adds...

Danny only made it to 2 NHL games, but enough to be a Young Gun here (which show up every 4 packs). Gomez was a decent enough add for the insert (one per pack) Victory Update set.

One of those years the Update set was an insert set - hate when products switch between having their own release to becoming inserts or vice versa.

A few dupes from the pack...may be less of those tomorrow, fingers crossed.

9 Packs, 64 Cards, 189 Points.

We will end with another baseballcardstoreca TCDB member and those at the great website that sent along another 14 cards for the Toronto Jays/Leaf collection.

The three 2006-07 SP Authentic cards are the rest of the non-SN base card Leafs I need for the team set, while the 1994 O Pee Chee Jays make a dent into that team set. I am not a fan of the O Pee Chee logo used on those cards, but at least it is fairly small.

The last card, and next couple are all the first cards from another new to me set.

That World Series Heroes set out of 2002 is a decent enough topic, but lots of border on the front.

We also get my very first 2020 Topps card! Yeah, apparently 2020 cards have been out for a bit now, and as per usual, I knew about it, but run well behind everyone else so, poof, first one, right here.

We end with...

Two different one card team sets out of inserts. The Own The Game design was used in basketball too, so I have seen the design, but it is the first baseball card of it I have, and the only Jay - Halladay.

Oh, and yeah, another Vladdy Jr card for the collection and this one a very fine looking Bowman Platinum insert. The Jays blue shimmer is very nice in hand.

Great new cards fr the collection as is the usual and as is appreciated!

Friday, February 21, 2020

For a Friend

It's always nice to find a card that hits home for yourself, but today we picked up a couple that I knew right away would be going to someone else.

A couple Boston cards for someone local that I trade with, so happy to pick these up. Also like being able to get him some decent cards like inserts and parallels, so the gold one here is that little bit nicer too. Still, a little happy with the following dupe...

Matt played the majority of his NHL time in Toronto, though only lasted 5-6 years in the NHL.

In addition to those, a couple base card needs...

and a couple other dupes.

The Score packs have done well to move along the base set which is inching towards 50%. Next up, something different from the box!

8 Packs, 56 Cards, 171 Points.

We end today with what is a happy regular occurrence with another bunch of cards from baseballcardstoreca (and do check out the website which is shockingly -

Another great start on a team set from one of my dead periods of collecting - the early 00s, which includes a great front full Cujo shot. You'll notice a couple different Leaf designs (white uniform in the top row versus white uniform in the middle rows). I like the more detailed look generally, though in video game form, totally get the more basic design.

My first Members Only 1992 Stadium Club card of Jack Morris, and first Fleer Thunder cards as well, some great Jays adds.

We end with...

A couple single card Toronto team sets. I am trying to tell, the Coast to Coast card is listed in O Pee Chee and Topps sets on TCDB, but for the life of me, I can't tell if there is actually a difference. I'll ask you all first, but probably need to post there as well. Not sure if I am missing something, or if it was two ways to get the same card, because I don't think the production line is different which is usually the case on Topps vs. O Pee Chee cards.

Regardless - another amazing 15 from baseballcardstoreca!

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Stat errors and McDone

Onto the second last pack of 2012-13 Score to come out of the NHL Championship Collection box, but a first out of the error card...

Interesting to see such a simple error, but there is only a single stat line, but it is mislabeled as being 2011-12 stats when it is in fact from 2010-11. Simple mistake, and never corrected, but makes it into the error binder for me. Not the greatest line of stats, but easily verifiable as an error.

The required gold parallel, which was a need, as were...

While the best of the bunch is one of the dupes...

Michael Stone is a solid rookie card to get, just unfortunately one already in my collection.

7 Packs, 49 Cards, 146 Points.

As seems to be the case happily these days, I have another quick bunch of cards from baseballcardstoreca, and the majority of them are able to help me knock off a set I really, really love.

I love the 1998-99 Upper Deck McDonalds set. The acetate, the imagery and effects, the high calibre players. It's a shame the set is only 28 cards.

These cards are all in excellent condition. A couple of the others I have are a little scratched up on the back, but nothing terrible and I happily will live with it. This is  a set that will go nicely on display in a plastic case.

Not being done with just those...there were also...

A trifecta of 1994-95 Upper Deck Leafs which include my two favourite captains in Sundin and Gilmour.

We end with some Jays including a couple Donruss Chrome...I mean, Optic. I can't say I love the Optic more than the standard Donruss design - it's just different. Either way, these ones are now mine - yay!

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Duped again

Okay, I thought the odds were low on getting back to back packs with the same gold rush card, here's another one that goes a bit against the odds...

Just had one of these yesterday. Not sure on the exact odds per se (think it may be one of these every 6 packs or so), and with the smaller set, may not be as far on the odds, but still unusual.

The couple other dupes...

Keepers for today are...


I don't think I have talked much about John joining the Leafs' but it was a great move for both sides, though I know likely a hard decision for John given his tenure with the Islanders. The leadership and veteran knowledge has likely been invaluable off the ice with a young core and what can be the next 5-10 years for the Leafs in Mathews and company.

Needed this card, and too bad it is pre-Leaf, but happy to be able to add Tavares Leaf cards to the collection from the more recent sets.

6 Packs, 42 Cards, 126 Points.

On a good note, a certain someone already told me he would hook me up with that last missing insert..and why not share some other things TCDB member baseballcardstoreca already sent.

We start with a few smaller card/stickers including a very young looking Dave Stieb. I really don't remember him ever being that young - wow!

We continue with some more nice 80s cards. The nice looking Lloyd Nestle Dream Team card is a great one. Sure, yellow isn't the pretties of borders....1991 Fleer, I am looking squarely at you...but it's alright otherwise with the back being of the same back design from Topps that year.

Never seen the Rick All-Time Blue Jays card - or any from that set, before.

We move into some more 1992 Fleer needed dupe Jays as I am slowly collecting that set (definitely on the back burner), and some Bowman Best and other similarly shiny 90s Jays.

The Jays content ends with a great Delgado, but man, I hate that Otis Nixon card. It is a Jays card, even though he has his Texas uniform. I don't really like the design, and never really enjoyed Otis as a player, likely due to the Braves vs Jays connection, so just a mish mash mess. Don't get me wrong, I needed it for the collection, but doesn't mean I have to like it. It's kind of like whenever I have to get a Patrick Roy card in order to complete a set.

Leaf content too! Here are my first 1999-2000 Be A Player Leaf cards. Actually, may be the first of any cards I have had from the set as I don't remember that design at all. Add in Lumley Between The Pipes for good measure!

Now this set - I love. It's easy to love a 200 card set, plus all the inserts and parallels, when the sole subject is your team. Here I was hooked up with a bunch of the lower print base cards (though I am still missing a bunch), as well as a few of the die cuts I don't have.

I doubt I will ever complete the set as a whole without some great focus, but this is one that, if I was ever tempted, I would try and work on a master set.

Then to end...

A sweet Kadri jersey. I miss Kadri - he was a solid player, and I get why he was traded away, but I would have liked to see him stick around longer. Would also make my Jersey of his still relevant.

As always, another great bunch of cards, and my many thanks to baseballcardstoreca!