Friday, December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas Once Again

 Most important of all on today, hope everyone is able to spend the day with family and friends - at least as much as you are able with everything as it is these days. Even if you may not be able to physically go and see people, make sure to make time to connect with those you love.

For those hoping for cardboard related things, hope you get what you want and deserve.

Me - I may get something or other, but I have me a plan for this blog, and it may take a while to get around to such things...but more on that in the new year.

I don't want you sticking around here too long when there are other things to be off and doing - at least in the morning. If there are kids involved, once everything is opened and the kids are playing on their own with any new toys, etc, come on back!

Up today, pack two of the 2018 A&G blaster.

A solid bunch of base cards since we get an Albies rookie and the always cool Trout. I guess with A&G, best to clarify I mean Mike Trout the baseball player - never know when there may be a fish related insert floating around.

Another base card in mini form and..

One of the "if I were a PC guy, he would be one of them" players here with Wade Boggs and the Fantasy Goldmine inset. Not a surprise that Wade has a huge WAR over his career - the man was a great batter and had great control at the plate. In the 80s actually, there were a number of great batters, I always think of Gwynn as well over the same period as Boggs because of their similar great batting.

2 Packs, 12 Cards, 26 Points

Anyway - go enjoy the rest of the day, and the rest of whatever holidays you have from now through the new year.


  1. I also pair Gwynn and Boggs... because they were such great hitters who shared the same "rookie card" year. Merry Christmas to you and your family!