Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Pack Attack - 2016-17 Upper Deck Artifacts Hockey

First, a quick update on my goal of moving 5,000 cards this year. Factoring in the cards I am sending to the contest winner, and a couple recent trades, I am not at 4,919. I should be able to get to the 5,000 mark fairly easily with three months left and plenty of trading still possible.! I really like this set, and hopefully I need everything within...

Should be fairly easy though since I don't have many cards from the set - just about 4 packs worth.

Cam is synonymous with goaltending for the Hurricanes.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised to see another TJ card...three days in a row in three different sets...what are the odds. Too bad this is just a base version.

Facial hair alert! That would be an interesting collection - beards or mustaches in sports...

We end the pack with Mrazek who became the main goalie for the Red Wings in 2015-16. The goalie pics on these work fairly well in design.

Overall, like the design as usual, and now another 3 of the 100 card pure base set is done (the last two cards were dupes)...though way to early to consider doing anything more with so not on my "to get" least not yet...

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Pack Attack - 2014-15 O Pee Chee Platinum Hockey

Today we continue the O Pee Chee treatment, but move to platinum...

We only get four cards in these packs, so hopefully it's worth it's while and we find one to talk about, or this will be a very short post!

Being Platinum, the set is a step up in quality (and price). The cards are very nice though, so can't complain on the quality of stock, and the design is still very O Pee Chee, front and back.

This is the hit of the pack though - a Rainbow Retro card which are one in every 20 packs. The seems to be a TJ Oshie hot box given the card yesterday as well. Interesting to pull them out back to back like this in two random packs.

The rainbow scans very nicely, and the tinge of blue does go very nicely with the St. Louis Blues team colours. I will make the same complaint as most with the backs of the O Pee Chee cards - plenty of empty space when the stats are a little light.

A nice quick little pack, with not a bad card - though no Leaf, but with only 4 cards, that was more than likely going to happen.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Pack Attack - 2013-14 O Pee Chee Hockey

One absolutely interesting card to see - but it's at the end, so hang tight...

With only 5% of the base set, should be all new cards to me, but let's see.

All the base are new to me. Not a bad bunch of cards, and I find the design very typical O Pee Chee, which isn't a bad thing.

Interested to see what the last two cards are?

First is rather usual...

A nice retro Oshie. I like the retro design and Oshie is a pretty soldi card to get. The nice blue inked back is great too.


This has to be the most purposely useless card I have ever seen.

I generally don't "get" blank backs. It is like getting only half a card. Now, when you are talking about a checklist where half the checklist is on the "back" and instead, it is blank....what is the point of the card? Okay, cool because it is "unique" or "rare", but other than collectible, the card fails at being the card it is supposed to be.

Any other card, okay, not the end of the world, but a checklist...not so much.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Post 1,000 Contest Winner and Pack Attack - 2013-14 Score Hockey

So first, a contest winner to be picked! Here is a list of everyone who commented on the 1,000th post, in the order of comment...

1. Matt
2. Rosenort
3. buckstorecards
4. Mike Matson
5. Jafronius
6. Adam Kaningher
7. CaptKirk42
8. Angus
9. Al Kawamoto
10. jasongerman9
11. Wilson
12. Elizabeth McKenzie
13. John Sharp
14. Kin

I took the list and used to randomize it three times, the one at the top will be the winner.

List Randomizer
There were 14 items in your list.
Here they are in random order:
1. John Sharp
2. CaptKirk42
3. Adam Kaningher
4. Al Kawamoto
5. Jafronius
6. Angus
7. Kin
8. buckstorecards
9. Mike Matson
10. Matt
11. Rosenort
12. Elizabeth McKenzie
13. jasongerman9
14. Wilson

Timestamp: 2018-09-15 23:33:26 UTC
You have randomized this list 3 times.

Congrats to John Sharp! John, if you can send me an email (should be able to do so through my profile) with your mailing address, and anything you want to tell me about what you collect, what you are looking for, etc, I'll figure out a package and get it out to you accordingly.

Thank you to everyone else for reading and entering!

If anyone doesn't trust my copy and past skills, let me know, I do have a PDF of the results, but was just as easy to copy and paste it this way.

We will keep with the hockey theme but move up a year today...

I did buy a box of this at one point, so I have a decent start on the set - 407 of 650, so likely a little less chance of filling needs on this one.

Unfortunately, not a surprise as I noted, to only get a few new cards for the set. I do really like the Team Leader cards, a quick and easy way to highlight the main players for a team.

Interesting - the usual one gold parallel, and I guess the Hot Rookie card just so happened to also be a gold, so I get two for the price of one.

If anyone has an interest at all in any of these duplicate cards, just let me know!

Not a bad pack considering the two gold parallels, so a thumbs up on this pack.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Pack Attack - 2012-13 Score Hockey The Fifth

Just having the midnight deadline last night - give me a day, contest winner for the 1,000 post will be up for tomorrow, thanks!

Here we go with the last of the five packs I have...obviously...

The keepers for today - and the first card out of these packs from the Award Winner subset. I appreciate any subset recognizing the awards, and pictures like this are great with the award really being the centre of attention.

As per usual, one gold rush card, which I also didn't previously have.

And we end with the best pack yet...

I did already have both of these, but I have no problem taking a second of each, especially the Bower since I only need one more card from the insert set to complete it, and would need a second Bower for the Leaf collection anyway.

For sure, best for last in these packs.

Before I go, just another show of cards where you wouldn't expect them as I ended up in an Indigo I wouldn't usually be in, and was able to (from memory as I didn't have my phone), add two more unopened packs to the collection...

These are also nice as I now have at least one pack from each Upper Deck flagship hockey set from 2007-08 to 2017-18 which is a nice little run. Ideally I will end up with one from each release as well, but bit by bit on these.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Pack Attack - 2012-13 Score Hockey The Fourth

Another day, another pack - will it be better, worse, or is the best yet to come? Only time will tell...and opening the packs, so let's just get to it!

Four new adds to the base set today, highlighted in my mind by RNH, though Hiller is a good pick up too.

Getting closer to a Leaf gold rush, at least this one is from a Canadian team!

Not perfect, but there are a couple dupes...

Though this is the first Hot Rookies card out of the four packs so far. Colby ended up playing 47 games over four seasons, with most of those games being with Florida.

Tomorrow, the last pack of these which came out of the box from about a week ago - though after that, some other may I say, more interesting packs to explore.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Pack Attack - 2012-13 Score Hockey The Third

Just a reminder - last chance is today to enter my post 1,000 contest - just go back to my 1,000th post and leave a comment there to enter!

Here we are day three of five when it comes to pack of 2012-13 Score Hockey.

Just a couple overall comment so far - although the design is fairly basic, this isn't a bad set. Other than suffering from the typical of only showing the past few years, instead of a full history like O Pee Chee cards do, the design is pretty clean and straightforward.

Today's pack is a bit of long term deja vu.

A bunch of duplicates in this pack - so likely I had a very similar one a while ago - maybe on one of these repacks as well.

All in, just a single base keeper...

Now a solid part of the Winnipeg Jets, Mathieu started by being drafted and playing a few years with Washington.

The gold rush parallel...

After 7 seasons with Chicago, last year Marcus spent the season with the Hurricanes. At least this was a new gold rush card for me, so only 2 out of 7 cards for keeps this time.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Pack Attack - 2012-13 Score Hockey The Second

Similar to yesterday, we explore another pack of 2012-13 Score today....

Unfortunately this one has a single duplicate from what I already had....

Good news is, a Leaf, so that means it is perfect for my collection!This card was near the end of Mike's tenure in Toronto and NHL career. He only played part of one more season with Toronto, then 4 games with Carolina before being out of the NHL.

Can never go wrong with a Brodeur card. The highlight here is Martin passing 70,000 minutes of played game time in the NHL, and considers that the only other goalie over 60,000 is Patrick Roy who is just over that threshold - that is a lot of ice time!

Final card will be the gold rush parallel...

A solid star player, so as good as it gets without a Toronto Maple Leaf card.

ANother solid pack today which hopefully continues tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Pack Attack - 2012-13 Score Hockey The First

I say the first because I have a few to open over the next few days from the box of packs, so why not one a day. After yesterday's fiasco, I am just hoping to get the number of cards promised today.

That will be familiar for the next few days....

I have 154 of 548 base cards, so should be a lot of needs as far as the set go, and hopefully a couple inserts in these...

Did well on these as all five base cards were new. The Stamkos being a Season Highlight subset card being the best of these

Here is the promised gold rush parallel..

Another I didn't have - not that I have too many gold rush parallels.


I like these first goal inserts. It is an important part of any career, and I wouldn't mind it being an insert set every year as I am sure you could get a good 25-50 card group out of it.

Sven has spent his time in the NHL thus far split between a Calgary start and Vancouver being his team now. Decent enough career for the first 5 or so seasons.

A solid first pack that leaves me happy - much improved from yesterday!

Monday, September 10, 2018

A couple Mates

If you missed it - yesterday was post 1,000 - check out that post and comment there to join the contest!

Today, a couple of the packs from the box yesterday, starting with what interests me the least.

I get it, they are kinda cute little figures, but I won't bother showing the two I pulled since nothing special (Rangers and Hurricanes), but will show you the checklist which is pretty much exactly how they look. As for the two puzzle pieces - already gone as there is no way I am making the puzzle or collecting these.

As you can see, there are some rare ones. Funny enough, my son ended up with a similar pack for wrestlers. As per usual, the horseshoe seems to still be nicely up hit butt as before he opened it, he looked and saw Finn Balor (his favourite wrestler) and said he wanted one, so I said there was a chance, and a glow in the dark one too, but not likely (every 56 packs). Of course he ended up with a glow in the dark Balor and Dean Ambrose.

That done, a few cards for today...

I only have 18 of the 200 base cards, so should need these....

And we get...


*Reads pack again....5 cards per pack....*
What the $!&^!!!

Now, I am going to assume that this is how the pack was received by the repackaging people (MJ I believe), and not that they opened the pack and resealed it because the repack boxes from them have been fine in the past, but come on.

It didn't seem resealed, and it is possible it was a packing issue, but man - 5 cards is bad enough, but to only get three?

I'm just done with this one today, tomorrow better be an improvement card wise....

I'm not even checking if I need any of the three right now I am too ticked off about's not like these are high end sets or anything, it's MVP!

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Post 1,000 - Contest Time!

Today is a very special day - post 1,000!

Only one way to celebrate, and help to move along a goal I had for this year - have a quick contest in order to send some cards away to someone!

To enter, all you have to do is comment on this post by midnight this coming Friday September 14th. Next weekend, I will stick the entries in order of posting into the randomized and three spins later, whoever is number one wins.

If you would like a second entry, go right ahead and post a link - somewhere - and then a second comment here with a link to your post and voila! Just to keep it fair, you can only be entered a maximum of twice all together.

As for the prize - it'll be cards. As for what cards, well, it'll depend on the winner and preferences. How many? That'll depend as well. I will leave the contest open to anyone and everyone, but truth be told, if you live on the other side of the world, probably going to get a few less cards than a fellow Canadian or someone in the continental US - but they will be free regardless!

Anyway, I like to think you may be here to see some cards, so let's take a look at an unboxing of some repack packs to see if I have any good adds to the unopened pack collection.

I finally got around to picking one of these up at Walmart. My hopes going in is to get maybe 5 new unopened packs for the collection and maybe something interesting in the packs to be opened.

I knew right off the bat that the 1999-2000 MVP pack was a new one for my collection, and true enough that is the only one from this bunch. I think with repacks, I have a good shot at finishing the couple Score sets one of these days.

Decent variety here, and three more packs for the collection between the Leafs Centennial, the 2016-17 MVP and 2016-17 Upper Deck Series One.

I needed the Series Two, but wasn't expecting the oddity of a TeenyMates pack. Not going to keep it, will open it one of these days and maybe give the couple toys to my kids as I don't really have an interest in them.

Right on target, and a good variety of packs - I just happened to have a bunch of them.

Anyway, comment below and I will be picking a winner next weekend!