Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Amazing Online Community

Okay, so I wasn't planning on getting started until after Christmas - but things change.

I just had to share my experience today with a fellow collector on who goes by the user name Tigerfan22.

A while ago I set up a blind trade with Tigerfan22, I'd send a box of about 400 cards, he would send one back. I had done this a number of times previously with other users with great success. Mail being mail, for the first time (and hopefully only) my package was lost on the way. I let Tigerfan22 know, thanked him for the opportunity, and wrote it off as a learning experience. To my surprise, I received a package from Tigerfan22 today anyway.
Accordingly, I just had to share this with everyone in the hopes that karma being karma, good things come back to Tigerfan22 accordingly. My plan over the next year will be to send along what I can here and there to try and, in some little way, show my appreciation given how the trade went down.
As for what was in the package...a LOT of Blue Jays cards...
Some early 80s...
Some late 80s
and some 90s too...
I wanted to get a quick post up now to share the story, but frankly, there are plenty of cards to go through, and I will do another couple posts showing these over the next week or so. Consider this a pre-launch party...Again, very appreciative of the package, and it is a good example of the great people I have met through the TradingCardDB community - I can't recommend the website enough for card collectors.


  1. The Database has a lot of great people on it...Every transaction I've made on there has turned out better than I expected. Welcome to the world of blogging!

    1. Agreed - definitely a lot of great people there. Thank you for the welcome to the community!