Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Piazza PC

 Well, no surprise that if you have a player collection for baseball and you are talking catcher from 1990 on, it would be Mike Piazza.

The catcher of the 90s and into the 2000s, he was a star in Los Angeles, and though a tumultuous departure, he had success subsequently with the Mets as well.

He was offensively talented for the position, and a solid catcher behind the plate as well. If you look at his WAR statistics as a measure, he was slightly above with LA defensively, and then slightly below with his time on the Mets defensively, while offensively, he ended up a career 66 offensive WAR rating.

He wasn't a first year HOF entry as it took 4 years for his votes to grow from below 60% to above the 75% needed, but he did get there.

Card specific - hadn't seen these UltraPro cards with Mike, but apparently they were a limited print - and yes, this was when limited print meant 100,000. The cards were inserted one per box of 9 pocket pages, so it would take a bit to get them. A neat little card and set as you can see.

I will always consider him more so a Dodger as that is where he started, though he did end up spending more seasons, by one, in New York.


  1. Those Ultra Pro cards are really cool. Not sure I've seen those before... which is kinda surprising since there were so many produced.