Thursday, October 1, 2020

Collation and A Super Dupe

Well, that was a quick playoff exit by the Jays - in and out in 2 games and never looking like they really had a chance. Hard to win when your star can't find his stuff, but when your defense plays below par and your bats are generally silent, you aren't going to win much.

Maybe cards can make it a bit better.

So, another solid number of new cards...

But collation seems to be not as perfect as I would have liked...

With three dupes, there does seem to be a growing amount which is a shame. I guess collation still wasn't quite what it is today where you can pretty much get a set, or minimal dupes on most (not all) products, depending on size of the set and cards in a box.

Well, at least if you are going to provide duplicates, getting an extra Super Mario isn't all bad!

28 Packs, 280 Cards, 937 Points.

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