Tuesday, June 1, 2021

One Third Down

Do I need to even mention the Leafs game last night? Unfortunately, the Leafs being the Leafs and an unfortunate outcome. Price hit a great few games, but at times the Leafs didn't challenge as much as they needed to close the series out and paid for it. Anyway, hope Winnipeg can do better and I don't want to think about it any more...too much sadness.

1/3 down - as simple as that, a few posts and a good part of this over 600 card set is in the books. Still hoping I can get over half by time this is done, but let's see who we have in the bunch today.

Always loved watch Al Iafrate in the hardest shot competition before the All-Star game. Definitely one of the fastest shots of his time, and more so, I think he was always a good clip above the rest, not just scraping by.

Okay, that Jon Casey photo really stands out. Probably would stand out more without the white border on this set, but still a great overhead shot.

Another "if I did a PC" guy here with Luc. A lot of the PC appeal to me is getting guys that are great in their sport, but also solid guys off the field/ice as well, and from all accounts, I think Luc fills that order.

Solid bunch of adds, but some new Leafs too...

These bring me down to a single Leaf need from the set to at least complete the team set...and may just get there is I keep up with bare minimum dupes....

Not a bad dupe to end it on.


  1. Some good ones: Roenick, Iafrate, Robitaille, Fleury.

    I agree that the Casey card wins the round though.

  2. The Jon Casey is my favorite. Good cards overall.