Saturday, May 28, 2022

Going Unchecked

Today's cards from the COVID lot are a few different hockey cards, where I ask the question - do checklists have to be unchecked to be collectible?

As a kid, darn right I checked those suckers off. I mean, we didn't have the internet to tell us a checklist, you had to get those cards to know what you had and what was missing. As a kid, it's expected to use them in this way.

Now as an adult, I really want my checklists perfectly unmarked, no matter the set or age. To be fair, the older the card, the more accepting I could be for it being marked up. I wouldn't argue over it on anything before the mid-1980s if I was to pick a timeframe. It would be a bonus going back that far if it was clean, or minimally marked up.

These two inserted checklists are ones I didn't have, and almost give me the set of 6 checklist cards for 1999-200 O Pee Chee hockey.

As you can see, there were more of the checklists, I just happen to have already had those in my collection.

Wow - a couple new to me sets, well new to me having them in my hands. I am a sucker for the retro content, so even though the design on the Century Legends cards is a bit too flashy, the content is nice. Will have to see if we see more of these as I may have to consider collecting it.

Well, not totally unexpected to get the odd card that ends up a little too stuck to its surroundings, and thus becomes packaging material. Still useful though!


  1. I used to hate checklist cards when I first started collecting. Saw it as a waste of cardboard..

  2. I am the same way with checklist cards. AS a kid I abused the checklist cards with my marking them up. I would even mark up all of the puzzle cards in the wacky packages puzzle cards when only using one would do. Fast forward to now. I too try to go for unmarked checklist cards when possible. Pre-1980s cards I am acceptable on anything from say 1985 and newer not so much.