Saturday, May 6, 2023

2021 Topps WWE

 Today, we start with a nice little blaster I picked up a while ago. Not saying when the set first came out, but not too long thereafter actually.

Well, Sasha's gone from the company, but good picks for the rest shown. As for the packs...

No surprise there with Roman front and centre. Too bad Randy has had all of his time off of late. Do wonder if we will see him back at all or not.

With the first pack, we get six base cards, so let's take a look at fronts and backs...

Well, the look is alright. Not wowed by it, but it's fine. The green and purple are...different accent colours, and the fade out kind of minimizes the photo on the front. Backs have the usual write ups, so all fine there I guess.

We then get an NWO Hall of Fame tribute card. Those fall one every 12 packs, so that's likely the one I get here I guess.

Still wish WWE had been able to buy out a few more contracts in the early days of taking over WCW so that the invasion angle could have really grown some legs. Who knows - instead of Raw and Smackdown, we could have had WWE Raw and WCW Thunder instead!

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