Thursday, May 18, 2023

Let's Talk 10

 Today, a quick PWE from fellow Canadian and someone I had done a handful of trades with on TCDB - JeffWestlake. Today, a couple of 10s...

The obvious 10 is - 2010 Topps cards. These are actually my first cards from that base set. Not sure why or how they haven't come by my way as of yet, but here we are. I like the design here better than how Topps used it for the baseball set that year. Colour coordinated by show of course, the cards look sharp.

The less obvious 10, is that the AJ card at the end brings my needs for 2020 Road To Wrestlemania set down to 10. I think I have a few cards coming from the set hopefully that will be a short lived 10, and I can narrow it further.

Always love getting wrestling cards I don't have, so anyone out there who needs anything, any sport, from my traders at TCDB - happy to take some wrestling cards off your hands!

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