Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Another Wrestling 15

I still have a few packs of 15 random base wrestling cards I haven't gotten through yet, so why not pick one up to go through today! This one looked a bit different than the others (and so do the last few) so figure there may be something a bit different than the usual, but we shall see.

Some classic WrestleMania V moments captures here. Bobby Heenan could draw heel heat to anyone he wanted to with his ability on the mic. Demolition started off as a knock off of the Legion of Doom, but ended up with an awesome run in WWE. A shame that health issues required the introduction of Demolition Crush and a watered down team.

No stars here, but at least I have a second Roberts card, and this one not being a packaging error crimped card.

Here are the cards which seemed different - all the black borders. I like the black borders though, dark, but a nice difference...too bad scuffs show so easily on them otherwise, but small issue.

Fairly new cards here with 2016 Topps Road to Wrestlemania which document the leaf up to the big event.

Nice to have the Hot Rod remembrance picture - can't believe he has already been gone 3+ years.

What otherwise stood out to me was the PCB card. I remember for all of, I think, one week, the team of Becky Lynch, Charlotte and Paige was referred to as Submission Society. Apparently no one at WWE knew this name would have an issue as it was used in the porn industry (I have no first hand knowledge of this - I just read too much wrestling news). It was quickly changed to the not nearly as great a name "Team PCB", but at least it could be trademarked and had whatever connotation WWE wanted.

All that said - 15 cards, 15 keepers - I'd call that a good day.


  1. From what I remember reading, they were going to go with Submission Sorority.. Then they Googled it.. lol

    1. I wasn't sure if I remembered the name right either...but didn't want to Google it to confirm it myself, lol!