Sunday, November 24, 2019

What's in a name?

I know people can have quite strong opinions on licensing for sports cards and whether they collect all cards, or just licensed products (ie. Topps baseball and Upper Deck hockey).

There is definitely an advantage to licensed products and the ability to produce better designs, but I don't go as far as just collecting licensed cards, I will still collect the Panini and Donruss cards of the world.

That's why I picked this $3 pack of baseball cards up at the Dollarama - one Jay that was showing, even if it wasn't a licensed card.

Josh Donaldson Panini Pirzm. Licensing aside, it is a nice solid card and nice look in hand as well. I understand why Josh was pushed out of Toronto basically, and happy he has personally done well this past season, but would have liked to see him stick around longer.

Oh yeah, and Jimmy is the other Jay from this half (3rd copy of it I have now I believe).

Luckily there was more than enough late 80s and early 90s cards that I got to keep a bunch on my slowly build sets.

A solid bunch of cards from the late 80s right up to 2015 - another few hundred of these packs and I might luck out into completing all these sets.


A shame none of the 1990 Upper Deck fit into my needs there, and no Expos that I know a home for.

A pretty weak half other than the Josh card, so we will see if there is better tomorrow.

Last for today, a quick PWE trade. Well, quick to post, but this one took it's time in the mail as it was coming from Hawaii and Hilochef, and the packages tend to take a few weeks to arrive.

That Donaldson refractor looks amazing in hand. I haven't had one in hand before but can see why some really like the refractors. A rainbow page would be pretty sweet. Lordes and his rainbow foil is nice, but just doesn't hold up to the chrome refractor for shiny look.

Appreciate being able to add these to the collection though and big thanks for the trade Hilochef!


  1. I'm not a big fan of non-licensed cards of the 2010's... but I'll still add them to my team and player collections.