Friday, May 15, 2020

A Shining Pack

Definitely beat the odds on this one as the Left Wing Shining Stars cards are every 24 packs. It is a good example though of why I don't really feel the need to pick up a lot of new cards as I already actually have one. Trading through TCDB has been a great way to pick up a lot of cards from sets I don't every really buy new from.

Don't get me wrong, still excited to pull a nice card, and a good Leaf at that, but just amazing how great the community is to be able to get cards through trade - getting what you want, without the extra stuffs you don't.

The rest of the pack, all keepers and...

Seguin and Sekera provide a couple more awesome views of arenas with shots from their feet on up.Does well to make players seem larger than life, and as I appreciate, show more of the arenas as well.

6 Packs, 48 Cards, 254 Points.

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