Tuesday, May 12, 2020

No Way Jose

Getting into the third pack from the box, would hope there may be some Toronto content, but we start off with these...

Joel - that is just about the expression I had seeing these come out, and both being dupes.

As far as expansion teams go, maybe it's my youth talking, but I always felt the San Jose expansion went well. Sure, maybe not so much on the ice as they missed the playoffs the first couple years, and took a while longer to get to being a .500 club, but for an expansion team, I do feel there should be a little level of "paying your dues". Heck, if just being new can't get you sell outs the first couple years, even if the team sticks, then the place shouldn't have a team.

Happily, the rest of the pack are keepers.

I really like the old school Jets uniforms. I can't say that enough as I think they are so fitting, and I was so glad when Winnipeg got a franchise again, that the name was the one chosen as it just fit so well.

No inserts today, but that's alright.

3 Packs, 24 Cards, 65 Points.


  1. That's where i take exception with Upper Deck, imagine plunking down $ and getting just base commons in your pack, Insert price is right buzzer sound here!

  2. I like those Jets unis as well, and I agree that the Sharks expansion followed the blueprint exactly (aside from that whole 'merging with Minnesota' weirdness)

    1. Yeah - the merging was weird, but not something that would regularly happen...hopefully.

  3. Man... the Sharks played at the Cow Palace the first couple of years and probably only sat 10k fans. I went to a few games there and it was not a pretty sight. But the San Jose Arena is a great place to play and Sharks fans are pretty darn loyal to their team. Although I gotta admit, I didn't go to any games this season.