Thursday, August 25, 2022

2005 Bow Show

 I may not be a big Bowman fan as I am not a prospect collector, though I do like the occasional rookie, I don't seek them out. However, I will always have my Jays to search out, so let's see who we have and how they did.

Eric is a perfect example of why I am not a big fan of these. I find it hard to call it a Jays card, when Eric never made it to the big leagues. He actually only lasted a few leagues in the minors.

Ismael sputtered around the minors for almost a decade, but again, never made it into the bigs.

Typical cards for Bowman, and as I am not a big minor league card fan, a lot of these don't do it for me.

Between the easy to ding black borders and the faux signatures, not one of my favourite front designs. 

The backs are a bit better, I like the lay out and it seems to fit everything in that you could want on the back.

I'll say, I don't mind the way Bowman subsets the base set with the first year, veteran, etc cards, so that's a nice touch for the fronts, just too bad I don't see any big first year card in the bunch today...

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