Sunday, August 7, 2022

An Expos Score

 A nice pull of cards today as we look at 1994 Score, and more specifically, a bunch of Canadian related content.

Duane Ward at least gives me one keeper today, but a whole bunch of Expo content here. Being a Canadian baseball fan, I may have the Jays as number one, but always had an eye on the Expos so knew many of the players and followed them to a lesser extent, always hoping we could one day get an all Canadian World Series.

Looks like it may still be a long while before that happens.

Even with the others, we have Karsay who was a Jays prospect before this and Quantrill who had time with the Jays after this.

The Bo Jackson card definitely wins to me for the cards today - with the border and the black and white uniform, just goes together very well.


  1. Look closely at the back of Ward. Him & the other Blue Jays in the 1994 Score have 1 thing in common.

  2. Bo is definitely the winner here.

  3. Lots of Expos there.. That Quantrill is one I need to find sometime as well.