Saturday, February 4, 2023

Adding A Cavalcade

 So this was a Christmas gift....from a year ago. I didn't open it at the time as I wasn't building sets, but since I don't mind having some playable sets now, I figure I might as well open it. Let's take a look at what exactly you get in this challenger deck...

The covering sleeve gives you the detail on the number of each card included, so no real surprises at all with what you get, and for scanning, will share one of each so you can see the details of each card.

These decks usually do a decent job of having more rares (which you pay for), but those rares are not big dollar cards typically, so it's not like you are saving money in buying these decks. You are saving on having to figure ou what cards to include in a deck. These are good for starting players that may not really know how to put the mechanics together to build a deck from scratch. Like the scans, this deck centers around Chandra.

There are a few token cards included as shows, and as for the side board...

Shock is a nice little card, though is a poor man's lightning bolt (which was 3 damage for one red mana).

The dock is fine overall, and I am not going to fiddle with or adjust this one, but definitely playable with my son, so a good add in that way.

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