Saturday, February 25, 2023

Taking It From thejaw

 As I continue to knock off cards in my quest to complete the Tim Hortons set from this past year, I did a nice PWE trade with kdinthejaw, a fellow Canadian I have done a number of trades with before.

The trade was really for the inserts, but kd was nice enough to send a few base cards as well. I just happened to receive them in other trades, but it is absolutely the thought that counts.

As for the Hockey Triumphs inserts, getting them for Sid, Ovi, McDavid and as you see below...Marner....

Can't ask for much more in a helpful PWE!

Now, I just need to start getting some of the Gold Etching inserts as I still have yet to get one, let alone more for the binder!

We have another PWE trade - not Timmies related, from jeffwestlake...

Sasha's the star of the bunch, though the Leafs stickers are a nice addition as well! I think that's 3 trades with Jeff in the past couple months!

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