Saturday, December 24, 2016

Pack Attack - 20 Card PressTine

Hello again, and here is the last pack I picked up from this past summer in the US at a Dollar Tree in Buffalo. Let's hope that this will bring some good luck. If nothing else, I know I am getting a Jose Bautista (who hopefully stays in Toronto now that Edwin is off to Cleveland) card given the card on the back (yay!). Not a bad little pre-Christmas pack for fun!

Here we go...

Here are the duplicates pulled. Darryl was quite the personality and I best remember for voicing the one Simpsons episode with the Plant baseball team of ringers - classic, excellent Simpsons.

Many keepers, and good variety - maybe the best of the bunch. Another 1987 Hygrade Baseball's All Time Greats, cards going back to the 1982 Topps Harrah (harrah!). I love the late career Neon Deion with his smile for the camera and most of all - the Diamondback team card. I miss team cards.

I think this card may have been a bit miscut. Well, that makes it a keeper for me as it is miscut enough there is a bit of the next card shown on the for me.

Well, there is the Bautista card, and I lucked out in getting the Mondesi Topps Finest card as well. I don't see many Finest cards, and this is the first from 2000 which works out for me. Given I knew about the Jose card, the Mondesi card would be the best surprise of the pack for me. Overall - pretty good pack to end these packs on.


  1. The Opening Day version of the Bautista card has the current uniform airbrushed on.. It doesn't look the best lol

    1. Awkward - all the more reason to want it!