Thursday, October 17, 2019

A last trade recap - for now

Final trades to go over before I am finally all caught up with the mail packages, and this one comes from bobfetta which, as always, comes through TCDB.

We have a few late 00s Blue Jays to start. With recent trades, I am getting a good dent into the flagship base sets from Topps and Upper Deck during the late 00s.

I am not a fan of the Pinnacle sets circa early 2010s. - the photos are alright, but the design and write up on the backs with no stats, are just not my thing personally, but they still get a place in my collection (though are not sets I will ever be working on).

On the other spectrum from Pinnacle, is Zenith - from a design standpoint, I really like. It loses points for not being a full action shot, but the framing looks nice.

Though it is Artifacts designs which will always be a win in my book. These ones work well for getting signed the way the picture fades half way down - I should look at some for that - really nice that way.

A quick go through, I know, but I don't want to short change that I do enjoy these cards, and really happy with the trade.

The next trade to cover is from a first time trade partner Pennytendencies which covers a few different items.

A few more error or variation cards out of the set that gave us so very very much, 1990-91 Pro Set, and some more 1990-91 Upper Deck needs for the set which I continue to chip away on.

We also, of course had a little Leaf content.

I haven't seen much of Trilogy sets, and this year - 2006-07 - is a new one on me. A solid design for the set, and like the colour layout as well as it is solid with the Maple Leaf colours.

Next up, a trade with SportsCardHunter

About half the trade was McD cards which were for the purpose of moving along a few different McDonald sets that I have been working on slowly completing. These were some of my favourite sets, and although I never had many when they came out, it's great to be getting closer and closer to completing them now, many years later.

The other part of the trade...more Leafs!

A nice variety of Leafs from early 90s to early 2000s, a few Potvins, including a 1995-96 Parkhurst International Crown Collection Silver Series Potvin - first card of that set I've ever seen.

Finally, a one card show from Listia - I know, not a trade, but it's a single card and if I don't post now, I will forget.

A fourth copy for the collection, and came at the price for a couple pennies so, definitely the right price.

Thanks to all those above for the trades - and always looking for more trades if anyone out there is interested.


  1. Listia is still alive and kicking? I think I have some credit on that site.

    1. It was better a couple years ago - honestly, downhill since they went to using their own cryptocurrency, but still there.

  2. Plenty of great cards and always enjoy seeing the Maple Leafs on cardboard. All the hockey was Fun.
    Good stuff.