Wednesday, June 1, 2022

More Pros

 Today, we get some more cards - a lot more cards - from a set that we saw some of already in this COVID lot - 1992 Pro Set football.

As you can see, we get some dupes of cards, and some surprises as well. Brett Favre woul have been a name I expected to have been pulled from the lot before it got to me, but here we have two cards. Sure they are base cards, but a star is a star - even if they may not be beloved by everyone.

There are definitely some cards missing, as these cards range in numbers that cover the last 1/3 of the massive base set, but at the same time, some cards show up with 2-5 copies. I guess I could help some team collectors, or someone wanting to fill some base set holes.

At least we also see some more of the subset cards too...

Okay, the Bengals cards is pretty darn cute - not that often you get animals dropping into a base card of a major sport set, especially back 30 years. I am sure there are plenty of examples, and these days animals have shown up in inserts and similar for sets like Allen & Ginter, but it's still not THAT common.

So a couple hundred cards later, and I am up are a bunch of football cards that I can hope to find a better home for.

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