Monday, March 27, 2023

A Good Capper

A quick PWE trade for sharing today. This one with TCDB first time trade partner capper14 who was kind enough to send me some nice newer Blue Jays cards.

Wells is the long exception, as everything else is from the last couple years, and set I don't have a ton of. Bowman and Chrome are products I don't buy...well, I don't really buy much of anything new these days actually. Still, not only do we have base cards, but some nice mojo refractors (honestly, where do they come up with these names sometimes), and prism refractors.

One of these days I will have enough parallels of a single Jays card that I can do a nice 9 card page as I am sure they look spiffy when together like that. Actually, the more likely alternative would be a page of gold - 9 gold parallel cards of the same card.

"Mutual infield appreciation" is an interesting line for the front of a baseball card. Now, I am thrilled with any card having Vladdy and Bo, so all good there, just not what I would expect to see on a baseball card.

Awesome trade, many thanks capper!

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