Sunday, March 5, 2023

From 55% to 98%

In brief - WWE last night in Toronto was fun as expected. My son enjoyed it as his first live wrestling show, once he realized the announcing only happen on TV but nor house shows.

Only down point was the lack of Bray Wyatt, as he was looking forward to seeing Bray.

Many pluses though as Rhea Riply and Raquel Rodriguez were great, Braun Strowman was high energy, Sami and Ronan had a great main event, so all good.

Will have to look into doing it again soon.  cutting right to the chase with this one now - in a single bunch of cards, my base set collection for this one went up to just needing 8 more base cards. I could go through all the keepers, but the Leafs, error and few traders will be enough to give flavour for the set if you don't know it - 1991-92 Pinnacle.

I know it's a set from the mass production era, but I was still surprised that every single rookie card in the subset of the base set was here, as well as the other subsets. I figured at least a couple would have been pulled, but apparently not. As you can see, all the Leaf content was included too from those.

A Lidstom EUR card to boot, and we have a set with less than 10 cards left to finish now. All those are on my want list at TCDB and shouldn't be too hard to trade for, but time will tell.

There were a few dupes for me as I had a few cards already from this section of the set - see below.

Very awesome though to go from missing almost half the set to less than 10 cards - woohoo!

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