Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Blasting Through The 90s and Early 00s

 With Oren's package of Jays now, we move into and through the 90s and early 00s with a smattering of cards, including a bunch of Team 2000....

Highlights here include the new to my collection Ed Sprague, David Wells and Carlos Delgado - though that Stadium Club photo could have been cropped much better. So much empty field space at the top, it just makes it look a bit off centered.

2000 Topps, which they remind you of on every card having added the 2000 with the Topps name on the front. I am still missing a couple of the base cards, but these help pick up a couple. I am guessing from the dupes that Oren must have busted a box of these cards at some point, but maybe I am wrong - could be from a lot picked up too.

Similar to Topps from 2000, Upper Deck still has a couple holes in my base set Jays, but Escobar, Wells, Delgado and Halladay reduce the needs for it immensely.

Tomorrow, the rest of the Blue Jays from the package Oren set....I love when every day is like Christmas!

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  1. Wish I got to bust a box of it, but it's from a mystery lot of cards,all sports from my LCS. I'm happy to hear it helped you get closer on finishing some team sets!