Thursday, June 8, 2023

Plenty of Bs To Talk About

 Yes - last day of Jays cards from Ken, with some Leaf content tomorrow, but lots of Bs to bring with the Blue Jays today.

Bowman and Bunt start us off. I've said before, I love the logos, so the bunt cards do good work in oversizing those logos and plastering them in the background. I wouldn't want this in every set, but it does make the set and the cards atand out as being different. Better than using the same design for flagship, Opening Day, Update, etc. Or reusing the same photo in each release too...

Nig League is the other big B. I don't have much Big League, and I am not a fan yet, though it's growing on me a bit.

I do like this 2021 design better than the prior, and I am pretty sure these are my first Jays from the set - yay!

Berrios brings a couple Jays cards of the newest variety here to round out the Jays, and I have to - great package Ken, and hopefully what I sent you is fair and reasonable in return!

As I say, tomorrow, the Leafs!

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