Friday, April 12, 2019

Almost half 'n half

One thing with these 7 card wrestling packs, the odds allow some packs to be half base and half inserts/parallels.

These were the base needs from the pack. I enjoyed Finn winning the title at Beast in the East - well deserved for his NXT run. It's such a shame he was injured when winning the WWE title so quickly after his call up as I would have loved to see how over he could have been, and kept, with that title run. A real shame as he seemed lost for a while after getting back from injury (heck, some would say, still is).

Of the inserts/parallels, needed them all which is great. The Immortals set, I get what they are going for, but these just come off as a bit odd to me. This one of the Authority is the most "normal" of the bunch from what I have seen.

This is the lonely dupe from the pack...happily, just the one.

2 packs, 14 cards, 46 points

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