Thursday, April 4, 2019

Celebrating Tradition

Traditions is one of the insert sets, having 15 cards in total and with the odds of getting one being one every 23 packs, so this is likely the one and only I will be seeing in this box.

The subtle change in design actually looks tons better, and suits the set well. The topic is a pretty awesome one too, in talking about Ray's penchant for changing his laces before every game, and sometimes between periods.

Not the only insert in the pack either as we have a regular gold back these names can get long...

I was excited thinking at first glance it would be a Leaf given the colouring of the jersey, but no such luck.

As for the rest, all base and goalie heavy like yesterday (not a complaint, just an observation).

14 packs, 84 cards, 354 points.