Monday, April 8, 2019

Well, an Ontario team at least

So, not lucky enough for it to be a Toronto team covered in the first jersey patch, but Ottawa isn't too far! Man, the jersey, even single coloured like this, really pops with the white background so I will give a thumbs up to the jersey card design.

Matt himself has stuck around for a splattering of games each year and continues to putter around.

Wasn't the only nice card in the pack either as there was another shorter print base card (one in five)...

Lindberg move onto the Golden Knights after a couple years in New York and has progressed there.

One more pack to go tomorrow....

18 packs, 106 cards, 431 points.


  1. Lindberg moved to Ottawa at the trade deadline in the Mark Stone deal.

    1. Indeed he did - should have tied that into the Ottawa