Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Never thought it would happen

I have always been a WWF/WWE guy. I didn't get into WVW much until the mid 90s, and even then, I always considered it second fiddle (even when it was on top - that's my WWE/WWF bias). That said, I always appreciated that Sting was WCW through and through, a company man.

As a wrestling fan, it was frustrating he didn't come to WWE, even after WCW folded. It was frustrating to see him in TNA and not WWE.

Then it happened, he signed, and even though it was late in his career, it was good to see him get a short run in WWE before he had to retire. Also glad he got a Wrestlemania moment, even though it should have gone much better for him than it did.

Happy to get this card to remember his short WWE run though.

Really wish they didn't run the angle with Summer Rae and Rusev, especially around when Lana and Rusev were together in real life which leaked and ruined the angle.

Also unfortunate is that the trend continues with today's pack of base dupes...

6 packs, 42 cards, 96 points


  1. I never watch WCW... although I did have some of their trading cards. WWF was the only wrestling I watched back in the day.

    1. I didn't get into WCW really until mid '95 - but WWF/WWE was always #1.

  2. I preferred old WCW to WWF, though I watched both religiously. Then WCW signed Hogan and it was downhill from there for me. Then the attitude era happened and both shows gradually became almost completely unwatchable. I really hoped Sting would be the one great holdout that Vince could never get. Not to be.

    1. For what it ended up being - agreed, would rather have had Stink never step foot in WWE. Now, if he "gave in" and came over back in 2001 or 2002 so he could have a good part of his career with them, would have thought differently.