Tuesday, August 24, 2021

15 Down - Maybe 10 more to go?

So here we are, 15,000 cards in on this lot which cost all of $60, and I would guess there may be about another 10,000 cards to go. Again, for $60, the entertainment value alone is great. Even on these lots though, prices went up, I got another lot from the same guy a handful of months ago and I think that was about 15,000 for $120.

At a glance, that lot may have a bit newer base card content, but I'm not even touching it probably until next year. Card wise, I won't need to buy anything more for a couple years and I would be just fine from a continuing to collect standpoint. I mean, plenty of new to me stuff to go through, lots of traders there for what I'd like to get, etc, so, all good. I can wait out a lot of the crazy investing-ness, as long as it is somewhat temporary.

Oh...as for what cards get us to 15,000...

We get to cover through an Ontario hockey team, just not my Ontario hockey team. That should be tomorrow, which will be the last bunch from the base set.

I can guess that we may be missing any/all rookies from the base set, but we shall see.

I love stats, and sorry if this running total thing bugs people since I put it on each post, but I love taking a look and seeing how the lot grows, and what I end up with and the highlights, etc.

I mean, for $60 - the hockey sets that were complete alone, at today prices, pretty much make up the price (side note - I find it crazy that the 1991-92 O Pee Chee boxed set is actually selling for about $40 CDN when it was about $12 from 1991 to the start of 2020.

Crazy days still....

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