Thursday, August 19, 2021

Let's Begin - 2006-07 O Pee Chee Hockey

So, before the few cards I picked up out of the lot a few days ago, I had but one base card that wasn't a Leaf, and not all of the Leaf cards either. Today, we start on a little trek to see how much of the set I can pull in from this lot.

Today, with the start of the cards, let's focus on design.

I always think of the old school cardboard card feel for O Pee Chee, but this is one of those years that it seemed to lose itself a bit in that regard. The bronze/cardboard colour was used for the border, but the cardboard itself is much like any Upper Deck flagship set.

The colour isn't as atrocious as the Thrashers uniforms from the year, but it's not the best of O Pee Chee. At least the base set size kept very O Pee Chee clocking in at 700 cards.

The front photography is solid, which is to be expected, and the logo placement is fine. A bit of a complaint on the full border taking up a bit too much real estate, but small complaint overall.

As for the dupes, let's look at the backs....

The lack of picture leaves lots of room for full stats which is great. The spacing on the write ups is a little wide, I am sure a bit more could be fit in, and the O Pee Chee banner is a little much.

Without being the usual cardboard O Pee Chee cards, the backs do a decent enough job of trying to be O Pee Chee cards. Not quite the same as a card from the 80s, but as close as a glossy card can probably get.

A solid start today, and more to see tomorrow.

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