Friday, January 20, 2023

Rakdos Vampires

 As I have mentioned, I don't play Magic much at all, so I am not one to pick up decks or starter decks, etc. However, having received this as a gift, and having my son want to play more, I figured it was a good opportunity to open, take out any cards that fit my collection - though not expecting much there - and have a deck for play at home with him.

That's the box, and as for contents, you get a 60 card deck, 15 card sideboard, deck box and separator...

That would be the deck box and the separator to keep the deck and sideboard apart. As for the deck, there are multiples of many since you can play with up to 4 of any one card - except for Planeswalkers...

Given the name, the black and red colour isn't a surprise of course, and the vampire theme.

The three Voldaren Estate cards are about all that I will be keep from the set, but since it's mana heavy, I will just pull in a few of the cards from the sideboard, and that will be another deck done. None of the decks I have (one for each colour) are very good, but the purpose of them is moreso to just play, have fun, and teach the game, so all works there.

I don't mind the lands used as the full art lands are nice, and the sideboard cards are decent enough too.

Funny enough, it's the tokens which end up being the other items I keep for my collection out of these cards, so all works out there.

Would I buy this for myself? Nope - but fun to open and have as a gift!

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