Friday, March 8, 2019

Bold gold

What has become one of the standard parallels in Topps base baseball products - the gold parallel...

As we have seen with the wrestling cards from the same year - Topps keeps it consistent across all base releases in the year. Wish it didn't make the name so much harder to read, in hand and in scan, but at least this one is easy enough to tell it's the St. Louis team card.

Another day of all base card for the other insert...

I was right with the last one - having one for each card would be awesome as a massive insert set. Still, nice and easy front design with the number changing on each card.

Ad cards...they always seem like a waste at the time, but are one of those things, years later can be hard to find because a lot of them get thrown out. Well, keeping this one atleast!

8 Packs, 80 cards, 232 points.

Another day - another few Listia wins to share as well....

The last is the best of the bunch, even with the knick out of the bottom corner. Happy to get any nice Toronto team card. Also, as usual, the wrestling cards on Listia tend to mostly be of the female variety.

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