Saturday, July 6, 2019

Get Rowdy

I started off this blaster saying the top three base cards I wanted were of Rousey, Lynch and Dakota Kai. Well, at least I got to knock one of those off the list today.

Apparently this still counts as a rookie card for her. My two cents on that is that, I'd prefer if each brand (so Topps) would just denote the very first base card in any of the sets they print, to be the rookie card for someone. I can understand not including inserts, but to say every single base card in the year is a rookie card is hard to agree with.

More star power with Balor and Reigns in the rest of the base cards today.

We then finish with a couple more new RAW 25 inserts including an interesting moment when Jeff Hardy went toe to toe against Undertaker. It was a good push and really elevated Jeff at a time when he was still really a tag team and mid card guy.

3 packs, 21 cards, 63 points.