Thursday, July 18, 2019

Star Trek Metallic Edition

First pack in and we get something new in the keepers...

First card we have a foil/metallic full front. This appears to be one of the puzzle inserts. I would have picked a better front picture to begin with as this one doesn't mean much to me at least. I also got  the last card in this set which is the fan club card, though I like the front on this as we get a full Enterprise picture.

Dupes from this pack...

11 packs, 98 cards, 285 points.

Second pack today...

Speaking of nice Enterprise pictures, here is another one from the base set - actually two, with the Next Generation one counting as well.


12 packs, 107 cards, 300 points.

Last pack...

Another one of the game card inserts. Wonder if I will actually end up with all 6...possible, but not expecting it yet.


Still find it humorous that so many packs have more than the 8 cards, but that will likely come in handy as I get less and less new cards in each pack, and closer and closer to finishing the base set.

13 packs, 117 cards, 317 points.


  1. All good cards. Commander Kruge was always a character I like so that card stands out to me.

  2. That "outstanding makeup" card reminds me of a vintage hood ornament. I'm really regretting dumping these cards. Probably should have taken the time to sift through them and appreciate the photography.

    1. Never thought of it - but can see the hood ornament now that you mention it!