Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Cards From A Castle

 Today's trade share is from TCDB member Tscastle. A baseball card for baseball card trade which saw some set building and Jays...the usual type of trade for me.

Was able to knock off a few more 1982 Topps base cards. All Orioles, but no surprise that we don't have Cal here....he will likely be the last card I will need for the set.

We then quickly get into newer Jays cards, and a beautiful day at the ballpark for Nate in a typical awesome looking Stadium Club card.

Another Vladdy puts me at 51 different Vladdy cards. Sure, that's out of about 11,000, but it's still over 50!

I know that I don't have any other Jays Inception cards, so love that pick up, and as for the other new to me ones, I may be secretly and unknowingly sitting on a few, like the fast friends card which I may have and just not logged yet, but all happy exchanges for cards I didn't want or need.

Appreciate the trade!


  1. When I was a kid my grandma asked what I wanted for my birthday. Told her Topps baseball cards. She got me the 1982 factory set, but not in its original box. It had everything but the Ripken RC. I was devastated at first, but it was still cool to get over 700 cards at one shot. One of these days I'll go after the Ripken lol.