Thursday, September 7, 2023

Last Small Trade

 Well, last small trade to share for now. This TCDB PWE trade was with M_ who only had a couple cards I needed, but with dupe Jays, all good in making a trade (well, I probably would have done it anyway, because I really need to get my traders down).

I didn't need the Triple Play cards, but the other two were one and done Jays cards - Delgado being from 1994 Leaf, the Gold Leaf Rookies insert, and Olerud being 1994 Donruss Diamond Kings. Both definitely have the mid 90s vibe for the shiny content, though the Diamond King look was a bit off the late 80s or early 90s that I was use to.

I will say, the Olerud likeness itself is really good though, just the background colour and Diamond Kings wording that takes away from it a bit.

I think I am caught up on my trades fr now. I'm at about 85 for the year and had about 100 last year, so should be on pace to break that mark this year. I think next year, I may try to really go the route of trading to pare down my traders a bit, just for the space if nothing else.

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