Sunday, September 17, 2023

Jeff Set Help - 1989 Fleer Baseball

 Another set that many collectors likely have seen a lot of, but for whatever reason - I didn't get much of originally collecting at the time, and in getting lots the last number of years, finally started the slow backburner fill of.

The design is fine, and the 1989 year fronts may be a bit too grey, but it was fleer throwing some yellow on the back that I think was a pre-cursor to 1991.

I mean, the yellow highlighting sure brings out the backs and makes part of the card standout. I mean, it could only be better if the whole front was yellow right? Yeah, must have been the thinking for 1991.

I must say, I do really like the before and after breakdown on the bottom of the backs as it's unique and interesting as I always love a good interesting stat!

A number of uncorrected error cards to boot don't hurt, but all in, up another 70 or so base cards on the set build, and that's another really productive bunch from Jeff. There were some cards on the trader list now as I did have some of them, if anyone is interested.

I think there's a trickle more baseball before we get into the hockey (and a bit of football).


  1. I never owned a lot of them either, but I really liked this design as a kid.

  2. Probably one of the first sets I ever tried to go after as a kid. Lots of great rookies and error cards too!