Saturday, September 30, 2023

Jeff's End

 The end of September also marks the last sharing of cards from the massive piles provided by local collector Jeff Scott.

Okay, that makes my day - three Leaf rookie cards and I am good. I really like the Parkhurst Emerald Green parallels, but the full green foil background, pushes it a bit.

View from the Ice insert set....just give me all of them. I love the photo work on these, just so different and fun! I mean, if you were a bug crawling through the net....BAM! This is what you would see.

As if the cards today aren't enough already...we get a HoloFX Leaf...even if it Dion. ;)

Wow - we get a memorabilia card too!

We even end with a unique Trottier card which. It's an advertisement card, and not sure if it's really signed...hard to tell, but definitely stands out as being different. Looks like it may be a card part of auto events and handouts done, but going to have to search some more on it....very unique though.

Jeff - can't say enough good things about you. Appreciate the cards as always.

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