Sunday, October 1, 2023

1987 Donruss Baseball Additions

 We go back to the COVID lot, surpassing 15,000 cards today, and the bunch are all from 1987 onruss baseball.

Happily a backburner set I am building, and one that needs plenty of work, so with the, about 170 cards, here are just some of the appropriate 87 new for me, base cards, that add to my set. Even though I am in Canada, I do remember seeing more Donruss than Leaf versions of the set way back in the day. Didn't of course get enough to finish either of the sets then, which is why I'm still working on them now, but also didn't know back then, that there is a different between the factory and retail sets.

Back then (and still now), I did like the simple design, though some of the colour choices for the front name plate are a little off of simple team colours, but nothing like 1989 Donruss.

The backs were classic Donruss style for a number of years back in the late 80s and early 90s, with the difference between the factory and retail sets just being the orientation (whether the bottom of the back was to the left or right side of the card front).

I know most of the cards I ever got from the time as a kid were from early trading activity, because I only had a couple of the Roberto Clemente puzzle cards which came one per pack. Though I have a number of these puzzles done, the above keepers add to the only 2 other cards from the puzzle I have.

Rather than show all the traders, here's a good chunk of them if anyone is interested:

I don't have the emotional connection with 1987 Donruss I do with other sets for the year (1987 Topps), or other Donruss sets (1991 Donruss being the top one there), but still a little connection there.

When you think Donruss baseball sets - which do you really connect to? Is it from your childhood, or maybe from a rekindling of your collecting passion, being one of the newer sets?

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