Thursday, October 5, 2023

If You Like Doubles...

You must have enjoyed the double Jays performance of back to back games with no offense. Unfortunately it seems to be a theme, make the playoffs, and disappear. I wish I was surprised, but the way the last week or so of the season went, I was afraid it would be another quick bow out, and so it was.

Do I need to say, there's always next year....

Anyway, on the the cards as I need a cheer up! A small bunch of cards from 1996-97 Pinnacle hockey today from the COVID lot, and looks like it's really focused on a few players, and covers both the retail and preferred stock (I guess that is equivalent to "hobby") releases. 

The gold foiling is on the "normal" cards while the preferred stock cards are below, in the silver. I think the card quality is slightly different between the two as the preferred do not bend as easily as the regular cards, but it is not a huge difference.

Jim Carey has a great photo on his card with the overhead view, while I do have a bunch of Theodore cards from his time in Montreal here. I mean six copies above, and a few below too! Actually, generally heavy on Montreal cards here.

Overall - personally like the more subtle look of the preferred stock cards, but neither is a set I am overly fond of.

I did notice that the hockey player image in the canter of the foiling does differ depending on the position of the player (goalie for a goalie card, etc), which is a nice little touch.

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