Wednesday, October 4, 2023


 The COVID lot today has a bunch of 1995 Bowman's Best cards for share, and part of that share is how curved the cards are. They are not damaged really, just a healthy curve in the card, thanks to time and what I expect is, the different finish on each side aging differently.

I let the cards scan with their curves essentially in place, and you can see from the white, where the card ran away from the scanner bed.You can barely see the names or above the names on the tops of the cards because they are so pronounced.

The backs show you minimal states, and not a lot going on except whether they are part of the blue 90 cards or red 90 cards. We don't get normal numbering to the base set....nope!

I scanned another bunch from the front, holding down the scanner cover to better show what they look like, and to compare to the first scan.

I will say, with the background, I do really like the incorporation of the big logo if you are going to wipe out the surroundings for the shot.

Still, overall, not a set that gets any interest from me, and no cards to keep from the day unfortunately.

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