Monday, October 23, 2023

Finding Victory

 Continuing with cards from my trade with EAudet77, a couple sets I am working on of the Upper Deck Victory variety.

I started this set with a box of 2001-02 Upper Deck Victory, and am at about 385 or 440 base cards done. Still a bit to go, but these help a bit. The Jagr / Mr. Hockey card is pretty nice.

2011-12 Upper Deck Victory is getting much closer. I have about 5 cards left to the base set, before that one can be called done.

With Victory being a low price point product, should be good to get the rest of the base set, but I am also only a few cards off on both the Game Breakers and Stars of the Game insert sets as well. I am getting close enough, I should actually go and ensure I have duplicates of my Leaf cards on the want list if I don't have them already.

Always liked the clean and colourful design of the 2011-12 set, and looking forward to finishing itoff in the near future (I hope!).

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