Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Net Freak

 It may be a small trade to share today, but a number of one and done Leaf insert sets completed.

This trade is with TCDB member FreakVOE who must have a thing for getting rid of Leaf goalie cards or something...

As it obvious from the large wording, we have a Gold Leaf insert from 1993-94 Leaf, a nice one and done. As is Douggie from 1993-94 Ultra's Premium Pivots inserts. Another Felix one and done Leaf insert for Goal Patrol from 1995-96 Parkhurst International, and the last one and done is Cujo's 1999-2000 SP Authentic.

Seems the one left out is the High Voltage Cujo as there is a second Leaf insert for me to find in that one.

I have to say, Felix and Cujo would be my top two Leaf goalies if considering my lifetime of following the Leafs.

As it's October, I do have a couple larger trades to share from the nice "free shipping Tuesday" offer from Canada Post, so will have a couple multi-day shares to get through, but as seen here, smaller packages can pack a nice punch too!

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