Tuesday, October 3, 2023

A Magic Ride

It's about time I picked up more recent packs of another recent release, and if I was going to do that, I have also gotten into the habit of picking up at least the "easy grab" artifact singles and colourless land singles from the set if able...and I took a look at a couple other sets while at it, and here is what I came away with from 401games. 

A booster in every flavour - draft, set and collector. For those that don't know the difference, draft and set boosters have a slightly different make up with the supposed goal of each being more geared to play (draft) or collect (set). These run $5-7 Canadian depending on the set, while the Collector booster is an all foil ("premium") pack, and they run typically $25-$35 a pack. It's not easy for me to justify buying the packs and leaving them unopened - so I do consider them more an investment - say a very small part of retirement planning, if it's needed....lol.

As for the cards...

These are from the Wilds set, a few foil and a number of non-foil cards and tokens (below).

They weren't the only ones I picked up though...

As much as I would want a 30th anniversary MTG pack (they currently run about $500 for a single pack so...not really in my budget to be able to justify it), the prices are hard to justify, so instead I picked up my first couple artifact cards from the run. It was a collector focused reprint set which drew some ire for reprinting cards which were supposedly not going to ever be reprinted.

The Brothers' War set which was artifact heavy, has some more new to me pick ups here as well - though I still have a number of packs of that one to actually open at some point...

Still absolutely adore the old design use of the brown instead of the newer silver...so glad they did that on these cards!

I know Magic isn't a big draw for the card collector's out there compared to sprots cards, but I lov them both!

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