Wednesday, October 11, 2023

A Starsfan Fan

 Here we have apparently my 6th trade with TCDB member StarsFan who was kind enough to take some hockey cards off my hands - mainly Finest cards - for mostly Leafs coming back my way.

Starting with some more hologram variations from early 90s sets. A certain young gun addition for my set work as I still haven't finished the set....soon maybe...

Chris Simon is another set add card, though still a bit to go on the Victory set. The Titanium Mogilny is a new set into my Leaf collection, but happily not the only card from the set here...

Hard to tell it's a red foil parallel of Mogilny, but it is. Tie Domi's blue parallel Pacific card is serial numbered (sweet!) and the MVP Talent is a one and done Leaf insert set.

A few 2021-22 flagship Upper Deck leafs as well, though I have copies, those will work for the set build. There were a few wrestling cards in the trade as well...

Fair to say one of these doesn't look like the others since Brock is probably the name of these that non-wrestling fans would actually know. Even in the early 10s, he looks much younger than he does these days, but I guess a decade will do that to you!

Appreciate the trade and a fan of doing more with you StarsFan!

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